Twizy Deal Wanted

Newbie here.

Looking to get a new Twizy Technic.
Anyone know of any good deals? Prefer PCP, but could dip into savings for a good cash buy.

There is an Urban up near me with 900 miles on it for £5k.
Is it easy enough to get hold of Technic wheels?

Thanks in advance

I think it’s not worth buying new when there are so many 2nd hand bargains around. Having said that prices will be firming up with the nicer weather. Best time to buy is probably winter time.
£5K for a 900 miles Urban sounds too much to me.

I got an urban for 3395 pre registered with 9 miles, with doors. It was from Arnold Clark, think they are sold out now though maybe try your local. I just showed them the Bristol street deal from hukd and asked them to match it. Could have even got an urban but someone bought it before I could.

Sorry meant technic in the last post

Wow!! That’s virtually half price. Best deal I’ve heard of. Well done.

Hi. Not sure if you’ve done a deal yet, but I’m about to put my Technic up for sale. Just 100 miles on the clock and lived in a garage since day one. Comes with windows, two keys and is perfect.

Just waiting to hear about freeing up of some funding.
All going well should be in a position to buy soon.

Found a 2014 Technic with 500 miles for £4k, which would do the trick.

That’s more like it. Go for it. Hope you get it soon. We are having some perfect Twizy drivng weather.

I’m getting my 2012 Twizy Colour delivered tomorrow. It has 1090 miles on the clock and I paid £3495. Not the cheapest, but I’m happy. It has doors and windows. oh, and I’m having it delivered from Woking to Cheshire for £186.

I read the battery rental agreement and there appears to be a £60 admin charge… Not happy but CBA arguing.

That’s not bad. I think you’ve done OK.
I hope the weather stays nice for you. It’s perfect Twizy weather at the moment.

Never seen that before. Who is asking for the admin charge RCI or the Dealer?

RCI. I haven’t been charged yet, but I’m expecting to be. I’m very excited to be getting my Iccle Twizy later!

Well the dealer wont release the car as apparently I have to be on site… so my driver who has driven over 200 miles will have to go home empty handed. Disappointed!

That’s a shame, but I think I would want to check the car over before it left the dealers and make sure I had all the paper work. Does that mean you have lost £186?

If you had discussed with the dealer that it was being collected they should have warned you that you needed to be there. How annoying hope you get it sorted soon. It really puts a damper on getting the Twizy especially as the weather is perfect now for Twizying about…

GUTTED :disappointed: :disappointed:

I bought my Twizy for 4700 squids its a feb 2015 with 25 miles on it.
Is it an ebay bargain its a technic and I am very happy with it makes me smile more than my C4 vette convertible perfik


It’s a bargain!! Well done.
You’ve got perfect Twizy weather now.

And Boating weather.

I bought my twizy urban last week. It’s a November 2012 car which had only 230 miles on the clock . Paid 4000 for it. It’s now done more miles in a week than its done in the last 2.5 years!! Love the wee thing. I use it for commuting to my work as a bus driver. A friend of mine runs a restaurant, so he is gonna advertise his restaurant on it, and pay me £100 a month for the privilege. Therefore, my battery rental and charging costs will be paid for. Sorted!!

That’s the way to go!!! And I bet you he will get his moneys worth.