Twizy Decals


Does anybody have cut outs for the decals on the Twizy.

I need it for the doors and storage compartments.

Maybe any good place to order this online.

I have an Black on Black twizy and would like to pimp it up with nice colours. Maybe thinking of copper on black.

Sure, I can make you any decals you like. What ever color. Even carbon but it’s pricey cause I only use 3M foil for that

I also make foil door sills,

Twizy sport logos

and charge flap decals

As well as many other Twizy improvements

Don’t buy off eBay. Too expensive there;)

Thank you Alex.

I am interested in the Decals on the doors and the ones on the storage compartments.

What will be the price for this?

Do you want the stock look?

Please tell me the color of texture of interest.

You can also pick from any 3M vinyl released
Just that standard colors are 27 euros per square meter and the 3M are up to 78 euros per square meter.

You are looking at about 4 square meters in total plus 10 euros shipping with tracking