Twizy Delivery Concept

Hmmm. Quite interesting!!

At the end of 2014, Renault developed the Twizy Delivery Concept, which is much more capable than Twizy Cargo with its trunk instead of a second seat.
Now, we have chance to see how the Twizy Delivery Concept looks.
Capacity of that large box is one cubic meter and, according to Renault, Twizy Delivery Concept could be the solution for the “final miles“.
For now, Twizy Delivery Concept will be used in experimental phases on the streets of Paris.]( exploring new solutions for urban deliveries

I’d seen this a while ago but didn’t post. The idea is it can have different modules on the back. Apart from a Dustbin lorry for campsites etc. what else could you have as a module?


Also the picture is different form the concept. The picture shows a tag axle while the concept shows a rigid trailer and an additional battery pack?

another picture:

Astheimer ltd & WMG Deliver-E

Another delivery vehicle concept based on the Twizy. Basically its a Twizy with a bustle.


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Or an estate version of a Twizy :slight_smile:

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How about the Twizy Shooting-brake, or I am just showing my age?

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Is that on the streets then or just a mock up?

Not sure about the 6 wheel version but the other one is real, I have seen it in the flesh at the Automakanic show the other week at the NEC . It has been developed by the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) and others as urban delivery vehicle. The rear section is big enough to fit small boxes of groceries and the long term concept is that it operates as an autonomous vehicle delivering your shopping.

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