Twizy depression

I really miss my Twizy. I know I sold it just over two years ago, but I’d love to own another one. Does anyone on here have my old one? Reg plate was TW11 ZYW. Would be interesting to find out where it is now!

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get another one, really cheap now :wink:

i love my i3 but my twizy is still king :slight_smile:

Interesting. I’m still waiting on mine, but reading through various forums, it seemed that many veteran Twizy owners have been starting to move on. What exactly do you miss?

I think I miss the go kart like driving. Being tiny on the road and nipping around town, hitting the gaps. It’s just a really fun car to drive.

I’d never have one as my main car again but there may come a time when I pick up a cheap second hand one just for fun!

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I know what you mean.

I nearly sold my Twizy a couple of months back but am so glad I didnt. I love driving it and never get bored of peoples reactions.

Especially if the rumours are true about RCI dropping the lease some time next year. No details yet.

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Plus you had a pre powerbox version, get that and you will love it

Shh! Don’t want the prices rising! :wink:

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Sadly, for me, prices are already rising and have been hardening over the last 4 to 5 months. Just my luck, when you could pick one up for £2500, I did not have the spare cash. Now I have the money, the cheapest are over 3K even for one without doors. Which almost everyone is telling me, on here, not to buy. (Being a pensioner who fancies a Twizy, just for fun, I am not wanting to borrow money)
I am talking here about prices actually achieved on recent eBay auctions and NOT Autotrader asking prices. This surely gives a fair indication of the way prices have moved. If the battery lease scheme is abandoned, I assume that will mean the end of the roadside recovery and the warranty on the battery. This may well put people off buying, as nobody knows yet the true lifespan of the traction battery. OR Does anyone know different, has one failed yet and been replaced by Renault??

Just speaking generally, EV batteries have not degraded anywhere near as fast as manufacturers once predicted and Nissan have actually started repurposing old Nissan Leaf batteries as batteries for the home, similar to the Tesla power wall.

As far as I’m aware, the Twizy battery isn’t technically any different to other EV batteries, just smaller, so I would expect them to last a while without much degradation.

Combine this with the cult factor of the Twizy and Renault potentially dropping the battery hire, prices might rise or stay steady.

There are still the poorly designed brakes and lack of practicality though that means prices shouldn’t rise too high.

@foxtalbot2 Renault expect the battery to last 10 years. This appears a bit pessimistic as at nearly 4.5 years in I still have a full battery indicator. I estimate to have lost around 5% but this is a guess as during the summer I got more range than every from the battery! It could be the colder weather that is affecting it just now.

I don’t know of any UK Twizy batteries failing and the only other ones appear to be faulty from new and so were replaced then.

I think the removal of the battery lease will push the second hand prices up. More people will want one as a summer ‘toy’ and as there aren’t that many in the UK then supply and demand will come in to play.

There is a place in the UK that will repair the battery by replacing modules (if available) so a dieing battery could be fixed.


I will pass the 18.000 miles in a couple of weeks time and last week when it was below 10 degrees Celsius in the morning I could read 97% after an overnight charge. It was at 98% during the summer.

I don’t follow any rules when charging and the Twizy is charged whenever needed, that means full charge almost every single night of the week (from around 30% left during summer time) sometimes twice a day.

So the batteries are indeed stronger that originally believed and time to scrap the monthly lease.

@EricLafoy How do you measure the battery capacity to come up with 98%or 97%?

If I plug in the Twizy again it will tell me what % I have

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Okay thanks.

Hi, I have just had dealings with your old car. How many miles did you do in it?

Think I only did around 10k miles. How many has it done now?

EDIT: Think I’m getting confused with another car. I couldn’t have possibly done 10k miles in a Twizy. So to answer the queestion, I’m not entirely sure, it was 2.5 years ago now that I sold it.