Twizy died

My Twizy is 3 years old, only done 1500 miles and I got it 6 months ago, it’s been fine, perfect for the Isle of Wight but jumped in this morning and it is dead! turn key, nothing, no display! Traction battery is fully charged, but there is a clicking noise coming from somewhere, intermittent! Any ideas? Noticed yesterday that the SERV light was on!

I think it’s the 12V. It’s dead :anguished:

Is it worth getting the 12v out and charging it?

Yeah, you can recharge it but every time it flats out, it becomes less lasting.

There are already a few posts on this - happened to mine and Renault changed the 12v under warranty

Thanks Guys. I charged the Twizy fully and it is now working perfectly and I found out what the problem was, it was the hazard light switch that unbeknown to me was on (ie out) and is dodgy so when left in the garage it switches the hazard lights on and drains the 12v battery so it is dead in the morning. I found out by noticing a flashing orange light in my garage at midnight!!!
Now it’s going really well, the Twizy is great fun to drive and I get a crowd around me whenever I stop!! However the SERV light is on all the time, and I’ve not done anything about it as it is going so well. Should I do something, the SERV light wasn’t on before the 12v battery was drowned twice so I guess it is telling me something but I’m not sure what!

I had exact same peoblem last week, unfortunately if the Serv light is constantly on you will need to visit your Renault dealer to hook up with the computer. Mine was a charging fault.

Also, my hazard was replaced under warranty last week. It would work now and again, one night it came on by itself.

Thanks, I’ll take it to the dealer

I still suspect that 12V battery is running low and hence the service light. The problem is if it has been taken below 11.4v a couple of times it will have had it and will never recover. It needs ot be replaced. As it was a Renault design fault (None waterproof hazard switch) then it should be a warranty replacement. The trouble is proving that and as it is an item like tyres and brake pads you may end up paying for it.

If so don’t bother with the Renault one as that will be 4 times the price of a decent replacement one.

The one would do. Ebay. I still have the original one one my 4 year old Twizy.

My Twizy “died” 3 times because the 12V was drained. First time was because I was doing too many short journeys with lights, wipers, heated screen on. The 2nd and 3rd time was caused by the hazard warning light coming on when being accidentally left in the on position, even though the
hazard light did not immediately come on but subsequently decided to come on.
Each time the 12V seemed to have recovered after a routine charge.