Twizy display problems

Hi all,
I would like to ask the forum whether other members have experienced a similar problem to mine, and see if anybody has a remedy.

About 4 months ago, I found that my display stopped showing the charge percentage when charging. Apart from also resetting the time clock to 00.00 every ignition switch off, all other display functions and information are maintained.

I thought that it might be down to the 12v as I was experiencing problems with the battery not retaining charge. After replacing the 12v, the problems in paragraph 2 above were not resolved.

Has anybody had and fixed a similar issue? Or are any of you more tech heads able to provide me with a fix?

I look forward to any help anyone can offer.



I have not been to any Renault garage as I have concern that they might update the software and affect my use of my Powerbox.

My Twiz is a 2012 model.

Sounds like a fuse if the 12v Goes off once the ignition is turned off. During charging the relays kick in, just as they do when the ignition is switched on. So I suspect that they pass the ‘Off’ 12V patch via a fuse.

Next issue is which?

Start here, but as it says the names are on the fuse box cover (under handbrake lever).

Hope you get it sorted, not heard of that one. If it is a software reset I thought @kennethnilsen69 had a fix for the powerbox now, or maybe I misread that

Not heard of any one getting a S/W Update.

S/W Update is not a problem regarding Powerbox and tuning. Only those who get the new motor controller get the new software. This is because there are hardware differences on the new controller. The new software can not be used on the old controllers so you do not have to worry that Renault updates your software :-))))

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@osbrook @Cheekychappie @kennethnilsen69

Thanks for your posts.
Firstly, there were not two problems. I added my sign off in the wrong position :scream:.

What I was trying to say was I didn’t want to take the Twizy in to Renault for them to diagnose the display problem, because I thought I’d read somewhere that they might perform a software update that could render the Powerbox useless. My concern is now thankfully allayed through your responses.

I have checked all fuses that could have been associated with any permanent 12v supply and all seem okay. However, I have just realised that the immobiliser light does not intermittently flash when the ignition key is removed (although the handbrake still becomes immobilised). The fuse box does not indicate which fuse feeds this permanent 12v feed. The two lack of permanent supply issues could be connected.

Does anybody have any other ideas?

I look forward to your replies.



Try the left hand glove box.

Hi, can anybody help me identify a problem with my Twizy? When charging it sometimes (not always) stops at around 50% and switches off the display as if it’s at 100% The short term fix seems to be take it for a drive and run the battery down a bit. Then it will (sometimes) charge all the way to a 100%. The other day though, I saw it display 100% without switching off.