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Twizy doesn't start

Hello to all
Since yesterday when I try to start the Twizy (2016 bought second hand in 2019) nothing happens, no light on the panel.
If I try to charge it, everything seems as usual, the panel light on and display that it is 99% charged the fan start for some seconds then stops.
I must mention that from March to May I stayed at home and did not use the twizy due to the Covid crisis, maybe this is related ?
Another thing to notice is that here in Montpellier (France) the daily temperature is around 30°C since a few days but the twizy is in an underground garage where the temperature is much lower.
I used it on Monday for a very short trip and didn’t noticed anything unusual.
Could it be the 12V battery ? I was thinking that if the 12V battery was dead, I should not hear the fan spinning when I thry to charge, but maybe I am wrong ?
Thanks a lot for your help. Jean-Michel

The fan not spinning is 1 of 2 things

  1. Something stuck in the fan - which does happen with the charger being low to the ground in the car and bits flick up.
  2. The 12V battery is just too low a voltage to trigger the relays to start.

hello @osbrook thanks for your help
Maybe I wan’t clear (don’t forget english is not my native language :smiley:) but the fan does spin when I plug the twizy and the display show 99%% charge. It stops after a short delay but I assume this is because the twizy is considered as fully charged.
On the contrary when I try to start the twizy the display stays black and nothing happens.

Still sounds like the 12V battery doesn’t have the power to start the Twizy. Try a Jump start or slave the battery.

Unfortunately Twizy is my only vehicle (it’s a Twizy 45 as I don’t have a license) and I don’t own anything to do a jump start.
As the battery was from the previous owner and I don’t know how old it is, I ordered a new one and it should be here next week.
Maybe it’s time for me to buy some equipment, do you have any suggestion for a battery charger and a battery tester ?

To simply check the 12V battery then a cheap Multi Meter will do. You shouldn’t need a battery charger, unless the Twizy is going to stand for days or weeks between use/charges.

Unfortunately given my usage of the Twizy this is likely to happen.
I seems to remember it is possible to charge the 12V battery in place using the accessory plug. Can you suggest a charger model to do that ?

These are great if you get some sunshine!

most new inteligent battery chargers offer trickle charging and sell leads to be kept in place to allow charging to be easier , quick connect and disconnect leads.

depends how much you want spend , on ebay they can be had for 10 pounds plus up to hundreds of pounds.

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 07.35.20
i have used c-tek for years , nice reliable chargers up to 5A max charging and you can buy the cable to connect to your battery for quick connect charging.

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Thanks a lot for this advice. I found several suppliers here in France for this CTEK charger so I will order one.

I’ll give that a go tonight, what should i expect to find will there be a large drop
when the headlights turn on when the ignition is off

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not sure the lights work without the ignition on , 14.5V with everything on at the battery with the lights on - ignition on.

Hey Everyone
I’m Back with the same problem i had a few weeks ago, where the red light was flashing frantically and when the key is turned on the it beeps and says stop.
I thought it may have been the 12 v battery but i changed it and its no better.
is this a GEN1 charger fault and where do i get the GEN2 if i need one
does anyone have an old GEN1 charger as i may have someone who could repair them

please see the attached short video

sorry i cant upload a MOV file from my phone

It doesn’t mean a charger fault. Does this happen when you turn the ignition on or when you try to drive?

A Charger fault usually means the batteries will not charge. Do you get a fault light when charging and does the Twizy start to charge?

You say it was 2 weeks ago did the problem go away straight after the 12V battery change?

can you measure the volts on the 12V battery , it could be low again , ignition off.

Hey Everyone
so a bit more info on my problem, I left the twizy into a main dealer 3 weeks ago and nothing they cant seem to find the problem and also say they have a Zoe in with the same problem. They haven’t yet mentioned the charger or sevcon units and are trying to diagnose the problem through Renualts technical team
has anyone any suggestions


Hi Brian,

Its likely to be the charger as mention by a few other users on here , you are going to have to push them to replace the unit - they won’t want to do it because its an expensive item.

remind them you are paying battery rental each month for a car you cannot drive.

But my car is 2012 there wouldn’t be any warranty left so no expense to them, your right but because over the last few months the SOC fell fast after each charge I think its down to about 92%
the rental will only change the battery after 75% I think

I will leave it a few more days and see what comes of it

Ok then you need bite the bullet and pay for the new charger.

There are a couple videos online how to do it.

Gen 2 chargering also keeps your 12V battery topped up so its a good upgrade and potential selling point over a gen1 Twizy.