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Twizy doesn't start

Hello to all
Since yesterday when I try to start the Twizy (2016 bought second hand in 2019) nothing happens, no light on the panel.
If I try to charge it, everything seems as usual, the panel light on and display that it is 99% charged the fan start for some seconds then stops.
I must mention that from March to May I stayed at home and did not use the twizy due to the Covid crisis, maybe this is related ?
Another thing to notice is that here in Montpellier (France) the daily temperature is around 30°C since a few days but the twizy is in an underground garage where the temperature is much lower.
I used it on Monday for a very short trip and didn’t noticed anything unusual.
Could it be the 12V battery ? I was thinking that if the 12V battery was dead, I should not hear the fan spinning when I thry to charge, but maybe I am wrong ?
Thanks a lot for your help. Jean-Michel

The fan not spinning is 1 of 2 things

  1. Something stuck in the fan - which does happen with the charger being low to the ground in the car and bits flick up.
  2. The 12V battery is just too low a voltage to trigger the relays to start.

hello @osbrook thanks for your help
Maybe I wan’t clear (don’t forget english is not my native language :smiley:) but the fan does spin when I plug the twizy and the display show 99%% charge. It stops after a short delay but I assume this is because the twizy is considered as fully charged.
On the contrary when I try to start the twizy the display stays black and nothing happens.

Still sounds like the 12V battery doesn’t have the power to start the Twizy. Try a Jump start or slave the battery.

Unfortunately Twizy is my only vehicle (it’s a Twizy 45 as I don’t have a license) and I don’t own anything to do a jump start.
As the battery was from the previous owner and I don’t know how old it is, I ordered a new one and it should be here next week.
Maybe it’s time for me to buy some equipment, do you have any suggestion for a battery charger and a battery tester ?

To simply check the 12V battery then a cheap Multi Meter will do. You shouldn’t need a battery charger, unless the Twizy is going to stand for days or weeks between use/charges.

Unfortunately given my usage of the Twizy this is likely to happen.
I seems to remember it is possible to charge the 12V battery in place using the accessory plug. Can you suggest a charger model to do that ?

These are great if you get some sunshine!

most new inteligent battery chargers offer trickle charging and sell leads to be kept in place to allow charging to be easier , quick connect and disconnect leads.

depends how much you want spend , on ebay they can be had for 10 pounds plus up to hundreds of pounds.

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 07.35.20
i have used c-tek for years , nice reliable chargers up to 5A max charging and you can buy the cable to connect to your battery for quick connect charging.

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Thanks a lot for this advice. I found several suppliers here in France for this CTEK charger so I will order one.

I’ll give that a go tonight, what should i expect to find will there be a large drop
when the headlights turn on when the ignition is off

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not sure the lights work without the ignition on , 14.5V with everything on at the battery with the lights on - ignition on.