Twizy Dog Seat

Possibly a stupid question and there was a relevant thread last year but it didn’t go in to much detail

What do people think is a realistic way to carry a large dog (labrador) in the back seat. I have bought a twizy (yet to take delivery) and thought it must be possible to construct some temporary back seat that is a little more spacious for my pooch? the twizy I bought has doors…


Im not sure its possible - My 34kg Lab wd be jumping out of the windows at a moments notice!! (I blame the owner… :_)) However… may be a harness could be rigged up?

i do have a cargo and removed all the plastic for the rear and i commute every day with a 40 kg german sheppard. he loves it! there is enough space for him and i drive very fast with him. he has never tried to jump or anything, he barks to a lot of other dogs and my feeling is that he is saying hey look at me! i ride in a twizy

here are some pics. i say remove as much stuff as you can and then have a foam cushion on the bottom