Twizy Door Alignment

Hi guys,

When I bought my second Twizy a couple years ago, the door alignment guides on the door were snapped in pieces hanging loose. I replaced them and of course realised they broke because the door doesn’t sit true with the locking mechanism; the door needs to be gently slammed/pushed into place whilst maneuvering to one side slightly. The previous owners just slammed it hard, hence the damage.

I took it to a local trusted garage and their feedback is that the doors cannot be adjusted. I have aligned them as much as I can with the given headroom on the nuts the fittings allow, but it’s not enough. My previous Twizy from new didn’t suffer this problem at all.

There must be a way to make an adjustment. I had to give all information about the Twizy to the garage in the first place as they were reluctant to look at it.

Any thoughts?

More often than not, the wings slowly raise up whilst I am driving as I am quite gentle to close them without force and often not quite locking in place.


Pics would have been nice. Doors can be aligned. You need to losen a couple of bolts at athe attach point and they will align in 2 dimensions. For that you need to remove some plastic, not much.

Great, thank you for that. They are misaligning by about 20mm.

Is that 20mm at the back catch ?

If so this should be easily taken up with just a small movement on the front bolts.

When I did mine you need to follow the instructions on this site to remove the painted part of the door (eg removing the mirror and the bolts) this will as said above expose the two main mounting bolts at the front edge of the door.
I loosened the bolts slightly (only 1/2 a turn) this should allow adjustment.

With the bolts loosened slowly close the door onto the latch till it clicks in place. When your happy with the positioning simply tighten up the bolts again with the door in place on the latch. You should then have the same closure position every time you close the door.

Hope this helps.