Twizy door issues, help!

Hi Everyone

Got my Twizy about a month ago and love it, minus one fault dealer did not disclose and is yet to be fixed, thank fully they just agreed and in writing too!

  • rhs door does not shut down properly and must be pulled in when closing, also when you are in passenger seat and look at front of door where it meets body where the plastic side screen is, it’s about 10mm more outward than the left hand side???

Or if your sitting in your Twizy can you jam a finger in between the plastic at where the door meets the body or not and or is there any difference between sides?!need a consensus!?

Raging as I just bought twy rain Windows and they won’t fit because of it!

And to top that, the Renault garage that specialises in ev’s won’t touch it as they said its body work related and then Renault bodywork people won’t touch it as they are not trained or familiar!!!


I have just had a look at mine, and although there are gaps everywhere, they are symmetrical on both sides. I don’t know why the dealer is making such a big thing out of it, surely it’s just a matter of adjustments.
Anyway let’s us know how you got on. Good luck.

Thanks for doing that askho, basically one side you can’t fit fingers in and the other you can fit a hand in!

Will let all know if and when I ever get it sorted!!!