Twizy door suddenly too heavy to open

I don’t often use the nearside door as I instinctively use the driver’s side out of habit. I’ve just come back from holiday and find I can’t even lift the nearside door - it’s not lifting naturally like the other side does and weighs a ton. It won’t stay up either. Is this a common issue? Excuse me everyone - I’m not a mechanic or tinkerer of cars so I’m assuming there is some kind of pressurised strut system to the doors. I know they are rubbish in cold weather but it’s a lovely warm summer day today. Thoughts please?

Sorry to be off the topic, thought you’ve sold your Twizy :relieved:

Don’t ask. Never again will I waste time …

Yep there’s a gas strut that pushes the door open/keeps it open, assume it’s failed or an end has broken off. Warranty job or I’d suggest buying some from:

which will be better anyway.

Sound good but how much to fit and who will do the fitting? Renault want to charge £172 plus fitting.

If you’re not willing to DIY i cant see why any local garage cant do the work, the Twizy’s pretty easy to work on.
I cant comment how long it will take to do as I havent done it myself, but it took 2 seconds for me to take the whole door off a few weeks ago.

Thank you, that’s really helpful.