Twizy doors

New to the forum just wanted to ask is it possible to fit doors to a Twizy that has non. Thinking bout buying a Twizy but an after thought if it is to cold withought doors.( or have them fitted) disabled cannot do the job myself.

Welcome. Unfortunately, doors cannot be retrofitted.
In the UK and N. European countries, I think doors are essential.

Thank you askho
Thought it was to good to be done.

I nearly bought one without doors glad I didn’t buy in the end.the doors mean you can carry vast amounts of stuff without it falling out.and it does look cool the way they open.

Sounds good to me.stop the dog jumping out
Thinking it would be good towing behind my motorhome but cannot fit a tow bar on that also it has a boot.someone said the Twizy would be a good tow for the motorhome but I do not think the Twizy would do?

A little kid called it a Twizyghini when I opened the door :grinning:

@kenj Welcome to the group. I tow mine on a trailer behind my motorhome. It has gone faster and further than most Twizys. It isn’t even noticeable behind the motorhome as that is a brick making a hole in the air, but the Twizy saves a lot of fuel once I get to site.

Hi Osbrook
Unfortunately My motorhome cannot be fitted with tow bar
I was looking at a few cars that would do.
There is a qpod that you put the tow bar in the front of the car and lift it on to your tow bar but I think that the company is having a bad time at the moment
Noel Edmunds owns it.

How old is your motorhome, only fairly new ones cannot have towbars made and fitted. There is a specialist near me (fits all OAK Tree Motorhome towbars).

It’s a Ford Amethyst 1999 with 20000 on the clock.
The boot drops down and make it impossible to fit a tow bar
Someone suggested towing with a Twizy

Looked it up on google and the first one I saw had a towbar. Must be different Amethyst models.
Hope this works

Before anyone asks I am in a disabled bay and I have a blue badge.

There is two clubs that might be of interest for your motorhome.
There in the back window of the amethyst places you can camp park free.

See this link It has a towbar and the same ‘boot’

The garage that services it say they cannot fit one? As the boot will not open.
Thank you for that they are part of the company that built this model will have to have another look.

I think they are being over cautious as to the Towbar rules that changed a few years ago. If they cannot purchase a type approved one they will not fit it. However your van doesn’t need a type approved one and you can have one made to fit.

Where are you based?

But often in the motorhome for weeks on end.

I’m in Chesterfield and if you come up to the Peak District I can tell you where the Towbar place is. I’m sure they will be able to sort you out. They service (weld) my van for me, but mainly does Towbars.

Many thanks again I was thinking if it could be easily removed and popped in the boot when not in use as it would only tow light car it would save a lot of fuel and could leave the legs down and cables connected

Hello I am new to the forum. Does anyone know if you can get doors with roll up windows? or are the doors mainly for protection but not insulation?

Thank you.