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Twizy Electrical Cabling Upgrade

Got a call from Renault today as my car is currently having some things fixed at my dealer and they told me Renault have released a modification/upgrade to all Twizys and that mine will have to be sent off to Enfield as they are a specialist EV dealer.

They weren’t sure at the time of the call exactly what needed doing but they said it was something to do with a new electric cable to the battery.

Perhaps they’re going to be fitting a new plug?

Perhaps it’s something to do with the actual charging?

Perhaps they’ll fit a type 2 connector? Who knows?

But the guy did say it was an upgrade of some sort and that it would make the car better.

As far as i know there is a callback going on, concerning the connection cables of the 12-V-battery. A lot (maybe all) twizy owners will get notified.

Ahh ok this makes sense.

I just discovered in “my renault”:

“Renault a décelé une possible oxydation du connecteur de batterie de traction par entrée d’eau au niveau de la cosse de masse et migration via le fil de masse par capillarité jusqu’au connecteur. Nous vous invitons à contacter directement une affaire du Réseau « EXPERT RENAULT Z.E. », habilitée à procéder à la réparation de votre véhicule.”

google translator (i dont speak french):
"Renault has detected a potential oxidation of the battery connector by pulling water inlet at the ground lug and migration via the ground wire by capillary action to the connector. We invite you to contact a business Network "EXPERT RENAULT ZE “Empowered to make the repair of your vehicle.”

A month ago somebody informed one of the german twizy forums about a problem with his 12-V-battery.
See for yourself:

Maybe it’s related to this incident.

Hmm - I’ll call my dealer tomorrow and see if they’ve got the info on this!

Perhaps they will have done mine whilst in at Leicester, hence the slightly longer than normal down time .

Just spoke to dealer, who was initially unaware of it. On calling me back said it isn’t a recall as such - it is a ‘blue advisory’, meaning the work get’s scheduled next time the vehicle is in for any work. He also said it wasn’t helped by the advisory bring in French (!).

His EV tech is off until the 6th January and said he would bring if to his attention, and get him to call me regardless of whether it is a must-do for the short term. I’ll report back when I hear more.

On calling me back said it isn’t a recall as such - it is a ‘blue advisory’, meaning the work get’s scheduled next time the vehicle is in for any work.
In germany they dont handle it like this - it gets fixed standing alone and not during the next scheduled work. They want to load mine on a truck and drive it 200 km to the next ZE-dealer, so i guess they dont want to shelve it.
But i think nearly every dealer has different information about it - one twizy in germany gets fixed at a none-ZE-dealer.

I certainly be surprised if a non-ZE dealer handled the remedial work - indeed, I’d be concerned at letting anyone who may not even have seen a Twizy under the hood attempt a cabling or battery replacement.

Mine got done this week , no specifics on what has been done though.

I have a question for you guys, if I buy a used Renault Twizy and ship it to the US, could I just charge it with a 110V-to-240V adapter and the cable that comes with it? That 100 mile a month range limit, how can Renault check? Does the battery lock up? What would stop me from just buying a Renault and running away?

Well - you wouldn’t be able to lease the battery, so that would take precedence over what voltage to squirt into it! Certain markets are allowing new owners to purchase the pack outright (not in the UK) so existing leases will need to be seen out.

What '100m/month limit? You pay for the lease and select your optimum distance (not 1,200pa). But with no lease, it doesn’t matter.

What I’m asking is: What is stopping me from paying for the cheapest mileage per month lease but going around the world in a Twizy?
Does the computer go “Ahh hell naw, 500 miles exceeded, you ain’t movin’ mister” or is it only when I go for servicing and they see I have exceeded the limit that they charge more? Or is it if I become stranded in the middle of nowhere, and I call up roadside assistance, they come along, see that I have gone over the agreed limit and leave me stranded?

They only know how much mileage you’ve done when you take it in for service.

You can do as much mileage in the Twizy as you want, they will just charge the excess at the end of the lease agreement.

OK, do I have to take it in for servicing? And I’m assuming I could re-program the Twizy and change the mileage? I’m just annoyed at the fact that they don’t make an unlimited deal. Norway sells them outright for US$13,000.

The day of reckoning for the mileage would be at the conclusion of the hire term - which is what happens with all leases for vehicles. The final calculation will include the penalty of overuse (whatever is on the tariff) and they take their cut of this!

The non-ZE-dealer in my hometown got notice that they can do the callback-work. I brought my twizy in the morning and got a call some hours later. They cut the cable and wanted to wire a new plug, but they discovered that not only the plug is corroded, but the cable itself. So the whole cable has to be exchanged, but they can’t do it. So twizy has to be transported to berlin and they wont be finished before one week. I have a replacement-twizy from the dealer here for the time.

The 12v battery is a user accessible part and there’s not much anyone can do wrong around it that’s different to a conventional car.

An aditionalsmearing of petroleum jelly might not go a miss around those terminals…

It’s not the 12-V-system, it’s the 58-V-one.

Agreed - it’s a replacement of the high voltage component cabling - 12v is certainly user accessible with no safety issues other than common sense!