Twizy electrical problem

hy there ,

Having big electrical problems with my twizy.
Sometimes everything works fine and then suddenly everything starts going wrong :
When i brake the screen go’s darker and it beeps
In reverse the service light goes on
The blinkers go nuts, all lights on screen go on …

charger is changed 6 months ago and 12V battery is new

i’m thinking it is a connector problem with the lights : anybody knows where the connectors are ?

thank you in advance,


Still sounds as if it might be the 12v battery. Possibly not connect tightly if it’s new and you are sure it is charged.

Does it happen every time you brake? Does it happen when the Headlights are on or off?

Battery is OK i think , checked it with good charger ( fly RC airplanes :wink: ) . discharged it to 10.8V and had 13,4 Ah of charge, capacity is 14Ah .
happens with and without headlights .
sometimes everything is ok for several days, not for a week, then back to ok .

Don’t discharge Lead Acid batteries. They become damaged below 11.8 volts and taking them to 10.8v will reduce the capacity and some never recover. 2 or 3 times as low as 10.8v and it’s a dead battery.

NiCd batteries like to be discharged. Lithium will survive if not left at a low voltage.
Lead Acid Batteries like to be kept above 12.2v (50% SOC).

Check the connectors between the charger (Under drivers feet floor panel) and at the 12V battery end. Could be something loose.