Twizy F1 mirrors

Do you know which brand mirrors are on renault twizy f1? I bought Raceparts mirrors but they are
2) made from chip plastic with
3) no adjustment at all
(answer from RaceParts “They are fixed as the cars they are fitted to WSR3.5, A1 etc have too much force for the adjustable stems.”

I want to buy same as on Renault twizy F1. Do you know where I can find them? I found catalog for Formula 2.0 and found in catalogue mirrors that looks like very similar to Twizy F1. But how to order from Renault Sport? Or which company produces mirrors for Renault Sport?

Well, first off the F1 Twizy does not have doors. They have customly inserted the mirror base into the door slot.
But you could get away with something like this