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Twizy faults

Ok, I know its a negative title, but if you have had your car for over 2 or 3 hundred miles, (mines done 300 ), then you will have found out some flaws , maybe.
Its only fair to be honest , so here goes.

I own a Porsche GT3 RS, which has to be one of the most track focused cars money can buy. I have to tell you that it is like a limousine in the ride department compared to the Twizy.
I checked my tyre pressure tonight, and the front were only 2.1 Bar, rears spot on, so thats as good as it gets.
Why o why is it so hard, definitely the most uncomfortable suspension of any car I have ever driven.

Secondly the condensation on the inside of the windscreen is an issue, and the weather isnt even that cold yet.
Being in a garage overnight might help, but having to use a handful of kitchen towel in the mornings.
Other than those things, I love it to bits, would like to improve the ride though :frowning:

I agree that the ride is harsh but only at the expense of having insane cornering. The short wheel base and narrow track demand a stiff set of springs if you are to expect the car to go roughly in the direction you are pointing it. I find myself leaning forward in the seat when anticipating bumps in the road, to avoid being pummelled in the back by the seat. Is there a better set up for the Twizy’s suspension? Spare a thought for the street cleaners in those short stubby street sweeping trucks that lurch and dive into the tarmac on every bump. I am beginning to think the sacrifice is worth the lack of comfort, after all my Scenic is like a Limo by comparison and yet it sits unused on the road side unless the number of passengers exceeds 1.Twizy’s windscreenss have a demisting wire mesh built in, like on aircraft, havent used mine yet.

I use my electric screen most mornings, as the car is outside. It will not clear .5mm of condensation though, you need to wipe it first, which makes the water go everywhere .
I am using a rubber bladed scraper thing to get rid now.I can live with it atm, but when its freezing the problem will be much worse.
The cornering is good, but it is still too hard in my opinion, the tyres let go far before the car leans :smiley:

Lightly, you seem to be alone with the condensation problem. Have you tried cleaning the inside of the windscreen at all?

Not experienced this yet? perhaps its the London smog keeping it away :stuck_out_tongue: what i have done is taken a leather and keep that in the car just in case it rains and i give it a quick wipe down but then that just my OCD… in terms of the inside screen i have not had any issues yet and the car is kept outside overnight the only thing i can think is difference is that i keep a cover over the car perhaps that helps?

I too get condensation inside and out parked outside the house here in the New Forest. A rubber scraper and a sponge cloth works pretty good

I’ve been using a Karcher window vac for my screen. Another odd but extremely useful gadget

You’d think this would be just a twizy problem as it has no windows…, think ive had some shocking cars in the past haha

I saw one of those in Asda at the weekend, never thought of it for the Twizy.