Twizy fitted speakers - SO quiet

I’ve just picked up my new 2018 Twizy which i absolutely adore, and I got it with the Renault-fitted bluetooth speakers in the roof…the only thing is, they are outrageously quiet…am I doing something wrong here, or is this a well know issue? I’ve paired, and turned up the volume on my phone…but its barely audible.

All help very much welcome! Thanks!

Maybe the Twizy is SO noisy that you can’t hear your speakers. :astonished:
Never coild understand why people bother with speakers in a Twizy. By defination all journeys in a Twizy will be short and NOISY, so music or whatever is a waste of time. If for phone calls why not just use earphones.

My very small home fitted Bluetooth speakers are plenty loud enough. But I never use them the Twizy is best enjoyed without the noise and as @askho says journeys are often short or to interesting to worry about music.

Haha thanks above, this is all true, but I live in central London so 5 mile trips can last a while! I’ve actually managed to fix the issue, the box had a loose wire. All good!!

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Good to hear that. So you are a happy bunny now :grin::grin: