Twizy for £15 per month PCP

There has been an offer on recently for a Twizy starting at 15 + battery rental on PCP (2 year deal).

Adding doors bumps it up, but sounds a good deal.

Careful with those; with these low payments there will be a big deposit and a big final payment; so either you will lose your hefty deposit over the 2 years or pay a huge amount to get out of it. Someone pays the mental depreciation-guess what, it will be you, however the deal is cooked to look. Designed to hook those new to PCP and perfect for dealers who want to shift a heavily depreciating asset onto someone else…

What is the full set of figures?

Apparently it has ended :frowning:
It was at Bristrol Street Motors.

I wouldn’t be sad, the best deal on a Twizy is to buy an unwanted used one with lots of options direct from the owner as they are still under warranty, then get the money at the cheapest rate via a bank loan.
Buy at £4500 at c.5%, total cost over 4 years under £5000, resale will be £3000-odd so no big losses

Buying new on a PCP would cost you £3-4000 over 2 years however they presented it :exclaim:

I thought this was a misprint? Saw it on Hotukdeals. Apparently they left the 0 off the end!

Seriously? That explains it then.

I was talking to someone on another group and they had been offered it at £15 plus battery rental for two years BUT I never found the deposit costs. You could get a Zoe on PCP for 2 years at £150 inc battery rental ( low annual mileage ). So £150 for a Twizy is way too much.