Twizy for 16 year olds

I have read about this, seems unbelievable, my son who has been learning to drive (passed his test last week :slight_smile: ) could not drive the Twizy on “L’s” as it was illegal, even with me in the back, seems from January at 16 you can go out on your own

All in theory or with some very rich parents. I cannot image what the insurance would be like. When you consider the only difference is the motor and gear box. There are no cost savings in the car and they can do as much damage or be damaged/stolen just the same. 16 year old’s have no chance.

Remember the battery has to be insured so third party will not cut it.

I can also see them being very popular to car drivers who at least can get past a 30mph moped but a Twizy! On the other hand I like the fact 16 years don’t have only a Moped as an option and car learn road skills on 4 wheels. Got to be safer.

There are always parents with money, wanting to keep there angels safe :slight_smile:

My son drives mine now on the trade policy , he prefers the heater and comfort of his old C3 diesel

In France the Twizy 45 (ours are 80s in France) can be driven without a licence, so like the Microcars will be enjoyed by many banned drink drivers…

In the UK the 45 if launched would be around 6k, plus BH and would be a safer alternative to a moped, but may cause problems when cars cannot overtake easily due to the width. Even with insurance costs, may be a good option for parents who lug their kids back and forward daily across the city where the limit is 30mph. But financed without a deposit and with the battery hire, costs of £200pcm plus elec, will pale into insignificance compared to insurance costs.

Renault would clean up if they offered an all in package including insurance at a fixed cost-many students’ Parents would rather shell out to them safe and the perception of the Twizy with its safety cell and airbag would seem safer than the risks of: a moped; hanging around for public transport at all hours and the worst danger-being a passenger in their friends’ cars.

If they sold loads though (unlikely!) I would fear a backlash against our faster models when any driver who gets caught behind a 45 just assumes ours will cause the same delay and will overtake at any cost.

Yes, but the 45 will be very easily turned into an 80, my son has just got off his moped, and 90% run derestricted, or with 70 cc kits

I read some where that this couldn’t happen with out a lot of work. The motor and controller are different and the gearing is for the lower powered motor and lower speed. Now things change and as both cars become more and more available this could be possible. It’s not like a moped or 125 that is restricted for UK use and so can be de-bunged, but a different motor.

I suppose you can turn an 1100 Fiesta in to a 1600 Fiesta but that is a big change, not a de-restriction.

Haha, the glory days! It’ll do 70 on the flat…! I had a Suzuki CL50d scooter and a Simson 50 'bike. Standard of course, Officer…

Would be interesting seeing the tech differences between the two as the 45 is a lot cheaper. Wonder if the batteries differ? Would agree that someone with know-how and resources can uprate most things.

Didnt realise it would be so involved, I would have thought it would be just an electronic limiter.
Shame really, we will have to see.

Lightly you may be right. However looking at the way no one appears to have removed the 52MPH top speed restriction from the Twizy the removal of any electronic limiter may be as complex.

It was a German site that had the knowledge about the motors. Except I cannot get there from were I am at the present time.:mad:

Hi all, I’m obviously one of those “rich parents” who’s decided to get a Twizy Color 45 for my two teenagers (14 and 17) here where we live in Italy. FYI: it can be driven on a provisional (i.e. just theory test) moped license, which you can do from 14yrs old. We’ve had a moped (Piaggio Si) for one year, it got nicked and since in the meantime my daughter became old enough to drive too, decided to splurge for the Twizy 45 - much safer, actually cheaper to run I think per km, carries two, etc.

FYI the normal (80kph) Twizy can be driven here on the Italian 125cc motobike license (called an A2) at 16yrs old so I don’t quite get what the change required in the UK is (am British but lived over here for 17yrs now). The Twizy 45 has a smaller (8kW) motor, same battery, and obviously an electronic limiter in the chip. Much harder to remove the restriction than your average carb.

Insurance: I’m going to pay a bit under €150 (3rd party cover only, 1yr) for the whole family to drive the Twizy. This is about 1/2 the cost of the Piaggio Si… reflecting I think the increased safety of the vehicle. That for me is enough to justify my outlay, let alone not having them spewing 2-stroke fumes into the air :S

Italian insurers for mopeds don’t seem to offer any Fire and Theft or fully comp cover, so for the battery lease I’ve had to take out Renault’s offer of €249 for the fire and theft for the whole vehicle. To put it into perspective, I pay about €550 for 3rd party cover for our Prius with >10yrs no claims.

Still waiting for everything to get finalised however… might get my Twizy this week I hope.


Interesting to get your perspective on the running costs from a different country. Obviously Italian insurers are more positive than the English, it would seem.
How much is a Twizy 45 & 80 over there ?

Color (or is that Colour?) 45 is €8300/£6680 with doors, optional demist and prewired for sound system (which I can’t imagine using but was part of the package). Base price for the Urban 45 is €6950/£5590. The 80 model is about €350 more I think. VAT is 21% here. For the 45, no registration fee (usually €500 for a car) or road tax for 5 years.

Difficult to imagine Italian insurers being more progressive, in my exp they are hellishly expensive.

Running costs: I see it like this (little spreadsheet I did). I have solar panels so in effect the electricity is free (which is a whole other debate).

Realised I got a bit confused here: the 45 has a 4kW motor, 8kW is the normal version.

Is it 4.5kW, hence 45 and 80 for the 8kW? Is that why they are so named?

Is the range improved with a smaller motor ?

Don’t think so, 45kph and 80kph is the reason I believe

Interestingly… nope… onboard computer usually tells me 70km (that’s 44miles) with full charge. I’ve only done a few hundred km’s so far, seems to be using about 8.5kWh at the wall for 100km, that’s about 13.5 kWh/100miles. Essentially the same vehicle with somewhat less ooomph.

Makes you wonder how fast they could make the Twizy if they wanted to! I would love to see a 70mph version.

Must be 45kph or 80kph then!

The tyres have a low speed rating, but if you changed these, fiddled with the stability and stuck a Hayabusa lump or the Tesla powertrain in it, that would be entertaining :lol:

Hi I was just wondering can you drive the twizy 45 in the uk at the age of 16 with a passenger in the back thanks Justin