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Twizy for £5600

After much pestering and haggling with my local dealer, I eventually bought their 2012 Twizy Technic demonstrator with 1600 miles for £5600 today. They didn’t seem too bothered whether to sell or not. It comes with doors and windows. Is that a resonable deal? It seems quite good to me compare to what I can see in Auto Trader. I am collecting it on Monday next. Can’t wait and hope we get nicer weather soon.
On another thread, I asked if it was safe to charge the Twizy with an extension cable. James, our adminstrator, said he never had any problems doing that. The dealer said it was the “most stupid” thing to do, because of fire risk. Can someone give me a definitive answer to that question. Thanks

Extension cable is only a fire risk if you use it coiled up, always unravel it completely before charging anything bigger than a mobile phone.
In a few days you wont care how much you paid for it because you’ll be having so much fun :slight_smile:

Well done in getting a Twizy. Enjoy it especial at the way petrol prices are rising.

I use an extension cable every time (except once) to charge my Twizy.

  1. Make sure it is rated for 13 Amps or above - Charger needs 10 Amps but there will be a start up surge and temperatures will affect the cable.
  2. Always, always fully unwind the cable from a coil to prevent over heating and melting - I have seen this happen, but not with a Twizy.

Obvious things like, no bare wires not dodgy fuses, no trip hazards not using in the rain etc etc.

Mine is nothing special and came from Wilcos 13 amp orange cable. One in the garage and a carry one in the boot - just in case.

Look at Ecofunky travel postings and you will see pictures of extension cables and mention of the use of extension leads on Cars being rented out.

Be sensible about the use of the cable, check it when using it to make sure it is not getting warm.
Dealers know less about electrics than they do about the Twizy.

How many Caravan’s and Motorhomes connect to the mains on camp sites? These use 16 Amp cables. Are these unsafe?

Thank you all for the info. That puts my mind at rest as I intend to use a 13amp extension cable to charge my Twizy. I knew the dealer was talking rubbish but I didn’t know enough to contradict him. Having said that I am sure I saw a clip on You Tube when the presenter plugged his Twizy into an extension cable in his garage, and out popped some text on the screen to say that it is not recommended by Renault.

Congratulations… With doors and windows it is a good price as I have seen base Urban spec’s for that! I use a short extension at work and echo everything said so far. You can usually tell the quality of the cable - it shouldn’t feel thin. You can get them with an RCD if you are particularly worried.

Thats cos he has not unwound it, he has another video explaining why.

I believe its Mr Nest of Dragons. He hash sat funny voish :mrgreen:

Good purchase I would say, I paid £7900 for my Technic with doors :slight_smile:

As people have said, you need to make sure that the extension cable is good for at least 10 amps. If the Twizy plug is going to attach to the extension cable outside, be sure to weather-proof Twizy plug to extension cable socket connection with a cover, or get one with a weatherproof socket [You may find that a tight fit because the Twizy’s plug is an unusual size].

The dealer may be worried about the mains socket in your house - though whether you use an extension cable or not won’t change that. It makes sense to check what else might be on the same consumer circuit. A Twizy uses about 2200w - much less than a kettle or a tumble drier, but a bit more than a toaster. The difference is that it uses 2200W for over 3 hours if you’re charging from “empty”, and 10 amps for several hours will warm the plug. Ideally, you would want the socket you plug the Twizy into to be the only one on its circuit to be taking a heavy load (e.g. a kettle or tumble-drier( while you are charging. The only way of avoiding that possibility is with a separate circuit of the type you need for an electric shower. That can be subsequently be converted easily to the kind of charge socket that grown-up, full EV’s use.

Thanks for the advice. I think basically that’s what the dealer said. Ideally they said the socket should be on a seperate circuit with its own fuse. But if the Twizy is only drawing 2200w, I should be OK. The extension lead I will use is 12 amp and can take just over 3000w. Thanks once again.