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Twizy for hire.?

Just taken the decision to put my Twizy on whipcar.com for hire.
Thought long and hard about this but i am sure it will give people the chance to try a new kind of motoring and understand what the Twizy is all about.
Also i noticed some dealers will not let you have the Twizy on a test drive on your own which is a shame to try out with out a sales guy yaking in your ear hole about finance etc etc.

Spread the word folks here is the link below.

You can add a new thread with the For Hire label in the for sale forum if you’d like :wink:

Im on it James :slight_smile:

In case anyone noticed, Whipcar pulled the plug earlier this year, so is no longer available for use. I can vouch for it being useful, as I used Andy’s via WhipCar to get a feel for whether I liked it. (I did!).

You can still hire a Twizy in the New Forest, the Lake District, and here in the Brecon Beacons. It’s a good way of finding out if you like it, always assuming you needed a break anyway! :razz: