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Twizy For Sale! £6500 London

After purchasing it as my first car, I’m very Sad to say goodbye to my beloved Twizy.

Selling it as I’m leaving London and upgrading to a bigger car that can get me back and forth on the motorway when needed.

2015, renault twizy technic, which I’ve owned since 2017. This is a battery lease twizy, and as such you will need a battery lease or to negotiate with RCI to buy the battery.

It had been kept in a garage until January 2020, and is in good condition, passed MOT every time.

I purchased the twizy from a chap in Northern Ireland, and had it brought over to London on a car transporter. I’ve only put around 1000 miles on it since I bought it.

  • Around 5000 miles (will confirm exact number)
  • Comes with TWIZY branded Boot Bag backpack which looks pretty awesome on the back seat.
  • Twy rain windows
  • Original Renault Windows
  • Type 2 charging adapter cable from Symphony EV
  • Spare Brand new Left Wing mirror

£6500 incl VAT.