Twizy for sale, Airdrie/Scotland

just a quick advert. i will do one up soon

the no door version with 5200 miles (will go up), warrantied till 2017.

been serviced just last year and tyres have plenty of tread. due its 1st mot march time

I love this car, I really do and have used it rain hail sleet or snow, I am selling only as I cant get the wee one and the older dog in along with things I need to carry. that and the attentions a little to much for someone as antisocial as me

priced at £3750. i will keep as long as I need to ie no rush to give up though

Hate to say this but price seems too optimistic. Check out AutoTrader to see what I mean. Good luck

thank you for that, no rush to sell and none up here so i see.

still not 100%, when i bought it i was going to sell as no doors. thats not an issue but i am leaving the dog in the house instead of taking her to work and the wee one seems to always have a bag of stuff to carry on the way down (the joys of taking a 4 year old and dog to work) with whatever the wife tells me i need

can go to £3500 now.

apart from here ebay and gumtree, anywhere else to advertise ?

Rather than selling as it has no doors look to put the luggage (not the dog) in a box on the back. See Cargo Twizy thread form this week.

but i dont know where the 4 year old and the dog and the stuff i need to transfer between house and garage i mean

still only £3500 based in airdrie scotland.

Still keep humming and hawing to keep or sell, but will let go it the right price now on ebay as I have got rid of a lot of vehicles I REALLY miss my roadster and as long as I keep the twizy it keeps getting used more :frowning:

now down to £3295, may be able to pay some of the transport if it helps someone

Hi, looking for a twizy in scotland,what is your best price please?

BUMP still to sell

@Sam_Stewart I’m assuming @martinmetherell wasn’t interested in the end?

no unfort not i never got a reply

right, I have now dropped to the lowest i can go at £2999. can admin put that in title please