Twizy for sale - Colchester Essex

After taking the Leaf out for a test drive, I’ve decided that it may be time to sell my Twizy.

Thought I’d put it on here before adding to Autotrader incase anyone locally is interested.

It’s a 2012, was ex-demo when I got it from the dealer a year and a half ago. Still has around 9 months warranty and servicing left. MOT just done in June, and also had new brake pads and discs all round at the last service. Mileage is 5400.

Black with orange (red?) accent, includes windows (although I don’t use them), and also has the alloy wheels.

Looking for around £3900. Obviously battery is ongoing, I’m on the £45 tariff at the moment.


Very nice. You should sell easily for that price I think.

Temped to get another one :slight_smile:

oh yes, they look best in pairs… :wink:

Thanks James - let’s hope so!

Lol RJW - I bought this one for my partner, issue is, I am driving it all the time! So maybe by Christmas I might get a second one. I told my partner I am testing it fully before her using it daily. Seems to work right now, but won’t last much longer :hamster: :smiley:

Looks like a bargain to me, I won’t be looking until next year annoyingly but by budget will be £3500 with doors and 5k miles so it looks like I will be able to fulfil my criteria. Yours even has the alloys!

Yeah, I ordered the alloys after I got it - not essential really, but it does make it pretty :smiley:

Oh, and I found this online - seems the postman liked it enough to take a picture after I’d been out in rather muddy conditions, and added the picture to his flickr account :smile:


You need to fit some front mud flaps. ( Then get rid of the Windows :smile:)

I used to find photos of mine online (particularly Flickr) and actually found another one the other day. The number plate on mine was definitely a marmite thing lol.

That is the dirtiest Twizy I’ve ever seen!