Twizy for Sale in Surrey

Hi All

Thinking about selling my twizy but not sure of its value, some help please.

Its an ex showroom car bought in Feb this year as a pre regestered with 0 miles. £7300.
Its a Technic with parrot system fitted from new. Also comes with fuĺl fitted windows ( not crappy renualt ones) £300. Also a lovely seat cushion for the bumps. £20.
4000 miles so far. In a garage if not being driven.
Still drives as new and looks like new.

Im just eyeing an off road buggy!!!

Let me know what you guys think its worth please.


i paid 4.7k k for mine in june with 26 miles on the clock and registered in feb of this year its the same as yours but only 1000 miles on the clock now. so the moral of this is dont put it on ebay without a reserve on it

Well that was a deal then. Im hoping for£5600 for mine.

Where do you live, Neil?
I know someone who may be interested, he is in Chobham
Maybe you could send me a photo so I can foward it on to him? [email protected]