Twizy for Sale ORANGE!

Hi there. After so much advice and help on this platform over the years the sad day has come to sell

She is a 64 plate and has had the following done

Daylight running lights (small motorbike one)
Remote opening doors
Orange wrap (over the white original)

Other than that lovely condition with just done MOT and service. 3,800 miles

Contact me if interest. Offers considered.

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Where’s the location of your Twizy ? and will you give an idea of what price you want to get for it ?

Hi there. She’s near AYLESBURY in Bucks. I forgot to say also she comes with a spare tyre and if I can find it the Renault car cover. Price wise I think 5k is too high. Near 4K and I would be happy. Thanks for responding.

Couple more pieces of info

The battery lease is £35 per month

The wrap can be removed easily to show the original white

She has LED headlights also

She will be sold p/x for new car next week SO if you would like to make an offer before then over to you. All reasonable offers over p/x considered.

Thanks for looking

Based in AYLESBURY Bucks.

As you can see on the 'Decision ’ entries I’m having problems with … what is for me a huge decision ! …
I get back to UK on Tues…is it ok to get in contact after then to sort out this possible purchase from you ?
email address or phone # from me ?

Hi Im interested in your twizy, what speeds does yours make, and with servicing that has to be done at a Renault garage or?

Hi why are some rents for the battery at £35 and some at £40? Did you write the mileage?


Hi there. It will get to 60 with the power box and servicing has always been done at Renault but probably could be done anywhere with the tools.

Mileage is 3,800. Not sure why the battery is different. I have seen much higher charges.


Hi there. Yes please send me a PM. Thanks.

Hi. Is this sold?

Talking but not yet. Will possibly be p/x next week. Send me a PM if interesting. Thanks.

I thought that I had sent a personal message to you through the system, but have got no reply on my email address I sent, so am now a bit lost how to get in touch to talk about your Twizy.

Not sure how to private message. How much is PX value?

That would be telling! Anyway to try and helpful. 4K is buy it now price.

Click someone’s username and press the message button.

Do remote opening doors mean windows can’t be fitted ? Can the remote opening be easily removed from the doors ? My concern is rain whilst parked …

Hi Peter. The remote opening doors are a breeze. Look super cool also as controlled off a key fob. Windows can still be put on but of course you wouldn’t then use the remote. Just the normal handle release as all Twizy which is still there. So best of both worlds.
However don’t ever fit windows. It defeats the whole object of having a Twizy. If you are driving you don’t get wet. If you are parked then just wipe any rain that gets in. At the moment I am p/x tomorrow if I can negotiate the lease transfer of the battery. If this fails i will come back to you next week.

Thanks … considering the amount normally offered by dealers in part exchange I feel I could offer a bit more than them, however selling privately on ebay etc probably means you would sell it for a lot more ! Good luck …