Twizy for Sale Wirral


Due to job conditions changing I need to look at selling my Twizy :frowning:

I come to the end of my finance agreement, and I will be walking away. If I had the money I would keep it. I figure if I give people the chance to buy it, it avoids it ending up on some forecourt with an inflated price.

Its Black and Orange, real head turner, still get quizzed about it I still get papped in it.

It got me in the paper.

Has the orange alloys, but also have the steel wheels and hubs too. Also has a pure fluke of a licence plate ending TWZ

Looking at £4000 to cover my balance.

Aah a fellow Wirral twizy :+1:t3: have you sold it yet? X

No, I have seen yours but never when I am in mine.

Is it still for sale. Cheers.