Twizy For Sale

Hi all,

I have had my twizy for a little under a year now - but my place of work being a while away and it being sat in the garage whilst im still paying for the battery has made me think of selling. Its a 12 plate Colour with blue seats and the silver/blue insert wheels, doors and windows.

Just had new brakes and not due a service until July (has the free servicing and warranty for atleast another year left on it)

Would anyone be interested? open to a sensible offer?

Sad to see it go but its just sat gathering dust

Might help if you say where you are.

Has it really been sat for a long period of no use?

I am based in wales but can arrange delivery.

I use it atleast once a week and is stored in garage - just a shame that i dont get time to use it enough as its so much fun!!!

get in touch!
interested. :slight_smile: