Twizy for Tall People

Hi Everyone,

I really like the idea of getting a Twizy, but on the two occasions I’ve managed to sit in one, I’ve found my head very close to the roof, and directly behind my head appears to be a roll bar or something similar. My concern is that if I was to stop suddenly I would bash my head badly (or worse) on this bar.

Is this actually something to be concerned about (is it a roll bar)? Are there any tall Twizy drivers who are dealing with this?


Hi Jon,

1.90 meters here, and no problems. I don’t think Twizy can stop so suddenly as you think. It has no assisted brakes and considering city speeds, you just need to keep firm hands on the wheel if some harsh braking is required.

Jon if you are really worried you could take the speaker covers off

Greetings Jon, well I am six feet five inches tall and I fit in my twizy very well, mind you many tears ago I did learn how to get into a Tiger Moth, that skill could have helped.

6’3” here never had a problem getting in the Twizy. Saying that my knees do touch the steering wheel!

Hi Pisoiu,

Many thanks for your reply. I guess I was thinking more in terms of a potential crash, and my head going back quickly and hitting the thing behind.

Hi Osbrook,

I didn’t think/know the Twizy had speakers, is that what is behind the drivers head?

I had a look at the interior view on the Renault site, and it definitely looks like speakers (how can you use them?). Is the plastic ducting (which is my concern) going from middle left to top centre for cables?

Many thanks to Fizgog and DaveKnowsBest.

Do you not notice the roll bar/lump behind your heads?

Thanks to everyone for their replies.

Hi @Jon by default the speaker pods are empty. To get into them sit in the back and look for 2 star screws. Remove these and then pull hard to unclip the pods at the front.

On this site are plans for making the metal brackets to hold the speakers, or you can just add for Bluetooth ones up there and use your phone.

I think I’d put some foam in the middle if I removed the Speaker pod as it isn’t smooth.

You’re never gonna stop quickly enough in a twizy to cause whiplash or whatever as the brakes are crap! My niece ran into the back of mine, just a wee nudge ( it’s a long story) , and I was fine. I’m 6’2”.