'Twizy Fwends'

Took this photo last week just before we headed out for a spin to Matlock. Thought it looked quite cool so I thought I would share. Both cars have banded rims with wider tyres and Powerbox. Mine is the duracell with added rear spoiler :slight_smile:


Please think :thinking: about bringing it along to #EVTwizyPark at the Electric Vehicles Festival we are trying to create the largest annual gathering of the fantastic Twizy! We managed 4 for our first year. We would love this to be a regular meeting for fellow owners :zap::green_heart:


Where is it?

It’s got a 40 mile range and I live in Derby. I don’t have a trailer so unfortunately the math don’t work Paul :unamused:. Sorry

Ps, it’s also my wedding anniversary weekend so that’s another reason I couldn’t make it :blush:

Sounds like a fun event though :+1:

Bring her along!!! (the wife not the car although both would be nice!)

I took my Twizy last year. Hope to go again this year. It would be nice to see more Twizys.

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Did you trailor it?

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Yes but I take my Twizy all over the country, so no bigy. It’s cruised up and down South-End, Toured Wales, Norfolk, lincolnshire, Essex, somerset etc.

If only I had a car with a hitch!

Or access to a transit van. One of the other Twizys arrived in one.

Really? They fit? Now there’s an idea!

Needs to be a high top if you want to open the doors.

Of the van? :partying_face: :partying_face:

Mine wouldn’t fit in a transit. Wide wheels point an end to anything as convoluted as that :smiley: