Twizy getting better with age?

I remember in the early days of this forum, there were a few “hate mails” about the Twizy and Renault, sticking brakes, design faults etc.
In the last couple of years or so, there are hardly any new ones. Is it because all the teething troubles have been sorted, or people are just not complaining?
Personally I think a lot of the problems were caused by lack of use, and misunderstanding. Typical example is mechanics saying brake pads and discs need changing after less than 1K miles, sometimes 500 miles, not realising that they are very thin to start with.
The other thing I have noticed is Twizy prices have firmed up in the last couple of years and there are not many available in the 2nd hand market.

As for the braking pads depends if you’ve the tuning box set too high regen. …eventually you don’t even brake anymore according to what I’ve heard.

As for gearbox noise I’ve no idea cos I don’t have one but I guess there are ways to fix it.

The brake calipers were the culprit then.
To narrow and so the pads got stuck to often when the got dirty or a little oxidized.

We had some guys who got new ones on warranty and the never had a problem after that.

Also the gearbox seems to have got a makeover.

In my newest Twizy 02/2016 (15Tkm) you can hardly hear the gearbox while driving.
Tire noise and surrounding are louder.

There are no vibrations in neutral at 70km/h and above. Not even at 100km/h!!!
So the definitely changed something!

My 2014 Twizy started vibrating at about 60km/h and had 25Tkm down when I totaled it.

Had mine over 2 years and love it just as much. Was shocked to find I didn’t use it too many times last year though but put that down to 2 new cars arriving in to the “fleet” so got side tracked!!

Other than the charging unit blowing up being replaced (a month within the 4-year warranty) it’s been 100% perfect.