Twizy goes to hospital

It’s battery’s totally flat and every time I plug it in to charge, the charger clicks and then stops. No charge is taken, assuming it doesn’t blow the house RCDs, which it keeps doing. multiple sockets tried. It’s already had a new charger put in. Hard to work out what’s wrong with it. Fortunately the problem is still a warranty fix, even though the car is over 4 years, the problem started during it’s warranty.

Mine was away 3 weeks “in hospital;” with a faulty on board charger. Finally changed and all is well again. Until it blows up once again that is. Superb Renault reliability. Just 3000 miles on the clock and needed a charger. Pah.

It’s already had a new charger, about a month ago.

The result from the twizy doctor was

“When we charged it up, the hazard lights started flashing, even though the switch was off.”

So they’re going to replace the hazard switch, I know this is a known problem with the twizy, but mine has never been out in the rain, and is kept in an insulated, heated shed, that never drops below 5 degrees. It really is in pristine condition, I think it’s done 2000 miles in 4 years. It only comes out in the sun. So the argument about corrosion is a very weak one. More like poor quality components.

It’s due out this weekend

Why does it decide to have it’s problems the month after it’s warranty expires?