Twizy have a cellular connection inside?

Hi all,
On a forum from my country, a user told a story about a ZOE owner, which purchased the car from an unreliable source, which told him that he owned the battery. In reality battery was rented and the contract was not transferred to the new owner. After a time the new owner got his car locked by Renault and he could not use it anymore. So, it seems that the ZOE have a cellular connection inside which can be accessed remotely. I personally do not know this, I do not own a ZOE and I did not studied them. But I cannot stop asking myself if the Twizy does not have a similar connection, since it also uses battery renting. In my Twizy battery is mine but I do not like having cellular modems in the car about which I was not informed. Any thoughts?

Twizy does not have connectivity for battery monitoring by Renault.
If you have a battery lease contract, it is the same contract for twizy and Zoe, so all the same terms and conditions apply, but no remote connection.
This is not to say that if you have a battery lease with a twizy and do not pay, then take it to a Renault dealership for service,Renault could deactivate the battery there.

My dealer (in NL) claimes that they can readout my Twizy battery remotely and say that the SOH is at 70%. (For replacement it needs to be 69%)
The SOH is actually 94%.

But I’m pretty sure there is no modem inside. I think they just calculate a SOH on the age or something.

Considering that everything in Twizy is on the cheap side, yes, I am also inclined to think that there is no justification to put inside a cellular modem and a sim card/chip. But the story with ZOE surprised me, of course, assuming it is true.