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Where is the best place to source a used Twizy ? Checking Autotrader and Ebay but same cars on for months and nearly same price as new ones :thinking:

Probably this forum to be honest! :smiley:

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I’ve been looking for a few weeks now although did buy one yesterday.

In addition to eBay, Autotrader and this forum there’s also Go Green Autos, who have some nice ones. They do a delivery service too.

I know what you mean about the price. If it wasn’t for Powerbox compatibility I would have considered new but ended up paying £5400 for a 2015 model with 7k miles on the clock.

Good luck with your search.


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Like Peter I had been looking for some while, I bought a 2013 Colour with extras last week only done 4000 miles. In my view the next best value on the market at present is the one on Autotrader at Martins of Basingstoke who are Renault Dealers. There are no photos yet on Autotrader as apparently it was only available last weekend. A chap called Andrew Hendy did a video of it for me, if you contact him he will e-mail it to you. I was going to buy it if the one that I actually bought, was no good. Theirs is 2015 (64 reg.) done 4700 miles an Urban but has alloys, doors and windows. At £4995, I think it is a good deal, as there may be room for movement on the price! Good Luck!

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Cheers for reply.
Could I ask the benefits of a Powerbox ?
I take it newer models cannot fit them ?


As I understand it a Powerbox can simply be plugged into a pre 2016 and work without modification.

It allows settings to be changed such a regen, charge rate and, more importantly, power.

The Powerbox just about doubles the torque.

A video I watched the other day showed a Powerbox reducing the 0 to 30 time from around 9 seconds to around 5 seconds.

There’s some interesting Twizy videos on YouTube by Spectrum Geeks and Andy Kirby.


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My Twizy arrived safely this afternoon. Thanks to Paul from VETRANS highly recommended, very reasonable cost, he understands Twizys and is a really pleasant guy.


My old Twizy, was 2nd owner, had most of the extras fitted, enjoy it

Thanks for your message and for the info, very interesting. I am trying to trace the full history. Did you have the alloys and Parrot fitted? Can I ask, please, when you bought and sold it? The first owner was company in Dorset, it had only done 30 miles at first MOT in 2016. I found out today it was supplied by Motorline Renault in Maidstone but they only did a PDI on it and never saw it again. I bought it from a dealer but the owner before me was a specialist insurance brokers in St Neots, the only service invoice I have was for the service carried out in 2018 by Motorvogue the Renault dealer in Bedford. The original Owners Manual/Service Record Book is missing but I managed to order a new one from Holden Renault here in Norwich, picked it up today cost £17.

If you want to DM a contact number I can fill in a lot of the blanks I am sure, I may have copies still of stuff but it was sold with book pack and history and invoices. I sold it to the insurance guy yes.

Thanks for reply.
Had a chat with them about that one at Basingstoke.
Could you help with a few questions ?
As an Urban with alloys and doors and windows what does it lack from the top of the range model?
Is it worth fitting a parrot Bluetooth speaker? Will it get pinched?
Are all twizys the same battery capacity / power?
Finally how much movement do you think they have in price ?

Once again appreciate your advice


Hello Mark
Sorry for delay in replying.
To reply to your questions, the only difference between that Urban and the Technic would be the lack of the carbon fibre effect trim on the doors and storage bin tops. Not a big deal really. The proper Renault speaker housing for the Twizy, as on my own, is very unlikely to be stolen, in my opinion. I didn’t even know mine had got it until after I took delivery! It fits very neatly above the drivers head and is not obvious from the outside.All Twizy 80 models are the same power and battery capacity, there is a Twizy 45 with lower top speed so that 16 year olds can drive them in certain EU countries but I have never seen one in the UK. I have seen one in France where that rule applies.
Regarding a deal on the one at Basingstoke, I think it is already well priced but if you got it for 4750 I think it would be a bargain. You could always push them to include delivery, depending, of course on how far away you are, from their premises.
Anyway, good luck,
Best wishes,

Eh no. The Technic also comes with metallic paint and fitted rubber mats. It’s a big deal :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
In those days, the Urban was the base model and the Technic was the top. The Colour comes in between.

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Many thanks for replies.
So is it much/easy to fit this Bluetooth speaker in the roof ?

Cheers Mark