Twizy hindsight

Hi everyone,
looking back on your Twizy experiences what would you do differently if buying one today?

I don’t know what I would do differently… I’m pretty happy with my experience thus far.
But recommendations I would give from what has worked for me are:

  • Buy the extended (2 year) warranty. I’m getting a door-stopper replaced and a free turn signal switch replacement 3 years after purchase.
  • Buy the mud flaps, from eBay, and install yourself. Cheaper and easy.
  • Buy the Parrot (or any bluetooth) audio system seperately and install yourself. Cheaper and easy.
  • Don’t get the sunroof if your region has the possibility to make your @$$ burn in the summer time.
  • Buy windows if you’re in a region that has a winter and/or rains a lot. I bought the ones from Italy a few years ago. But if I were buying new, I’d strongly consider the Korean ones.
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So what’s different about the Korean Twizys?

Are you referring to ‘But if I were buying new, I’d strongly consider the Korean ones’?
If so he means the Korean windows. They are in a different league to the things we get here that leave gaps and flap about. The twizy’s are the same.

Luis on here sells them directly from Korea. From ordering to appearing at my local depot was 4 days… then the British took over and it took another week to get the 10 miles from the depot to me, typical.


RE: the Korean windows,
I’ve never seen them in person, but you can see some pics all over the forum, here for example:

I have the TWY Rain Windows from Italy:

The Korean ones seem good because of a potential full seal where it meets the window at the front, a larger, sliding window opening, and just overall better look/feel. What I don’t like from what I see, is the cheap velcro solution to secure the window at the front, and the price.

I’m sticking with the TWY Rain because:

  1. I already own them.
  2. I like the simple twist-lock closure where they meet the window. It has a key you can use, so it LOOKS secure, even though there is no need for a key to turn it.
  3. Metal structure which secures to the Twizy door screws - the metal is thin and mine has slightly bent over the years, but with all the bumps of the Twizy, I would fear the Korean window’s plastic secure structure may snap.

What I don’t like about the TWY Rain is that the operable window is quite small, if you dont screw it fully shut, it rattles like crazy, and just after a couple years use, the plastic in some areas is quite scratched. The gap between where the door meets the Twizy window isnt terrible in my opinion, and I’ve driven through rain, snow, and cold.

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I have the Korean windows and replaced the normal ones I had. The Korean ones fit so much better and keep the wind out, have opening (slide windows) and they do not rattle.


The only thing I would do differently is consider buying an older model.

Having heard the chargers were improved in 2014 and post 2016 Twizys aren’t PowerBox compatible I bought a 2015 model.

It turned out to be fitted with a 2013 charger, which promptly failed and cost me in excess of £700!

The post 2016 Twizy’s are powerbox compatible, just not as straightforward as pre 2016’s.

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Yes, worth checking the charger has part number PIE: 296058798R

There are many different part numbers for both the first and second generation chargers.

From what I’ve seen I think it’s fairly safe to assume the following:

If the input voltage is shown as 230v its first generation.

If the input voltage is shown as 100 - 240v it’s second generation.

The later chargers keep the 12v battery topped up from the traction battery when parked and are also less sensitive to supply voltage variation.

The earlier ones don’t charge when the supply voltage is elevated, for example, when you have solar panels on either your property or surrounding properties.

Also the general consensus is the later chargers are more reliable.

Thanks, Yes, I noticed that my 12v now stays at 100% charged the whole time on the Ctek sense…I guess the down side is a small parasitic charge on the traction battery to do this when left for a few days.

Yes. The frequency of top up seems a bit excessive to me.

Ooops, my bad…I read it wrong :blush:.