Twizy immobiliser

**Hi all,

Just sorting out my twizy insurance and there insisiting is has to have a cat 2 ****[size=3][FONT=Calibri]immobiliser, does the standard renault one meet this spec?


The key is certainly coded to the ignition - but lust make sure they don’t stipulate you’re not covered for theft if you leave the doors ‘unlocked’ - I saw one policy that stipulated this and the broker was pretty certain they would reject any claim on a Twizy.

good point, its with Adrian flux, im hoping the standard immobliser meets the spec, all the other Renaults seem to meet the spec…


As long as there is no manual in the car, the handbrake is already a pretty good immobiliser.

It was with AF I went with in the end - the only daft question they asked was if it was a LHD model…