Twizy in snow

With snow due here next week, what’s the definitive answer on a Twizy in snow? Good, average or poor?

It is not what the Twizy is designed for and the biggest problem is the low resistance tyres which will cause problems in icy conditions, if not snow.

Good points:
Light weight, balanced chassis, unassisted controls with plenty of feel, no ABS, narrow tyres

Bad points
Crash protection if someone else loses control and hits you-especially side on, rear wheel drive, driving when cold can be distracting, Eco tyres

There is no reason why a Twizy could not be used in snow in the UK if driven professionally, but we will mostly use our cold weather tyre equipped vehicles for ours and others safety

I found that as the snow built up on the screen, the wiper compacted the snow at it’s base and side of the screen, causing the motor to struggle. I also noticed a drop in performance with the wiper with lights/wiper/screen on. Had to get out on the queue to clear it! Twizy tended to sit on top of the snow with the light weight allowing me to keep moving better than some around me… BE PREPARED for the drop in range if sitting in stop/start traffic, wiper and windscreen on to prevent condensation as it can drop-off and show lower range available. Agree wit Mender to, particularly with the damage of the low speed crash of ‘a minor journey’

I will be straight out in mine with the Gopro if it snows here :slight_smile: fingers crossed

Can’t wait to see what people do. Here’s some vids already on YouTube.


Have fun, but stay safe. Remember (as I know only too well) that there are ZERO spare Twizy parts around, and if you …ahem… crash into something it may be…months before you see your car again.

(That’s why It’s taking nearly 4 months for me to get a Twizy after I crashed mine.)](“”)


For those who asked re understeer/oversteer, you can clearly see it confirms my comments that the Twizy has initial understeer then oversteer in this vid!

I think in order to get the back out, you would use so much power that the car would be dead in 10 mins:)

Yup! That’s exactly what is happening in my case. I’m getting a new one because of parts problems.

Cool! Hope it comes soon…

Thats a worry i nver thought it would be so bad to get spares. Whats your legal rights on getting a replacement then Mender as a consumer im very intrested were we stand on such a critical issue and time scales.

Insurance-wise, you are insured to put you back to pre-accident state, so if the wait for parts was unreasonable or the time for supply unknown, there would be a case for a replacement car.
Also bear in mind the insurers want to minimise costs and would not want you to have a courtesy car for any length of time.

It’s snowing!!

Do not take this the wrong way but i think it funny as heck when people say that a vehicle will not well in a snow or bad weather driving conditions .Here in Az where i live at we go from 115 dregees to down to 20 above zero in the winter time and it does get cold and it rains and we get snow at the 2500.ft mark .Which is just right above me in the mountain area of the range of mountain valley where i live at outside of Suprize .

Where i’m at there is no city type building or ribbon of streets to hold in the heat or the cold to help keep the heat or cold in the area .In the winter time i make ice tea from the water saight from the tap and in the summer i do not need a water heater to keep the water hot because of the ground temp in the ground .

Well we had a light dusting of snow, went down far end of car park, put foot down and ended up facing other way before I knew it. With a little less of a heavy foot managed a bit of sideways drift. That was it as management started looking out the window. Needless to say it surprised me how twitchy it was.

Just thinking of cover story.

Made a movie this morning:

More importantly, if you live in the hills, and said hills have just been heavily snowed upon, a Twizy makes an excellent sled-carrier:

It’s fantastic!

You have a football pitch in the Garden? 8-|