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Twizy in the New Forest

A New Forest initiative is to rent Twizys to tourists to potter about. Fantastic idea. The pedestrian beeper is useful for the ponies as they get spooked by a noiseless vehicle.


Sounds good-have you seen this too?

I now have this loaded as a custom “POI” (point of interest) on my Garmin NUVI Sat-Nav, so in principle I can now find the things. But being a Sat-Nav newby, I’m having trouble persuading the thing to take back roads (though it often does seem to when you ask for the shortest route)! I may have to delete all its A roads! :smiley:

[Google Maps has a cycle option which is pretty good, except that in the Brecon Beacons it knows about some routes that are cycle-only. Fortunately, the Sat-Nav doesn’t.]

Delete the A roads :lol:

I have a £37 “ebay special” chinese 5" tab with nav on it and use “no motorways” and “shortest” which works well enough, but a cycle map is a great idea!