Twizy in the Worcestershire area?

Any one of you Twizy owners in the Worcestershire area?
I am really interested in looking at a Twizy, but none of the dealers have anything to look at.
So wondered if there was anyone local who would let me have a look and tell me about their experiences living with one.

Cheers in advance.

Hi Dale,

The dealers should be able to get one shipped in for you to look at if they think you are interested enough. Hopefully a member of the forum will be able to show you theirs as well

All the dealers I have been to have zero interest in the Twizy.
I asked them about a demo and they just said no.

It maybe a small drive - but got one in the Cardiff area :wink: The Cardiff Renault had a demo to try out before I bought a pre-owned one. I had to make sure the Twizy could go up steep hills (since there are some next to our home). Overall they were helpful… and then I ordered the Twizy online from another Renault dealer after negotiating, and getting delivery sorted out. I got the windows separately from an eBayer… worked out good. If you are inclined to travel a bit - let me know, and we can hook up. :slight_smile:

Cheers CrazyTwizy,

Cardiff isnt a mega distance. If nothing more local doesn’t turn up I may take you up on your kind offer.

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Hi @dalepearson and welcome. I live in Stourbridge which is probably easier for you than Cardiff. Is this any use to you?

hi @Pete Stourbridge is certainly close for sure :slight_smile:
Are there certain days / times that are best for you, so could arrange a mini meet when both available?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @dalepearson,

I have sent a DM, rather than placing such chat on the blogsite.



Dave. I’m in St. John’s, Worcester and have had my Twizy for a couple of months. Just wonderful and very happy to demo etc. Give me a call and maybe we can arrange to meet…
07774 659261


this is pretty much perfect.
Thanks to offers from others, but Phil is closest so will take him up on his offer.


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I was just going to suggest you Phil, then saw here were here. Hope you’re still enjoying the Twizy.
Got a few pics of Phil in his Twizy on my FB page

Cheers @d3matt, I met up with @philellis and he kindly informed me all about the Twizy, and mentioned the good service he had from yourself.

We met up yesterday. Fair to say, he loved it…as do I

Thank you guys.
Shame I don’t have any more Twizy’s for sale. I suspect one or two will crop up during the winter months, which I may buy. The only downside is paying the battery hire until they sell in the spring.

Matt. Any idea what is happening with Renault and the leading contract. I’ve heard that there may be changes afoot, where the batteries may well be sold with the car. Not sure what happens to those with existing contracts…any thoughts?

I take it that the battery contract maybe an issue for some, for me, getting a pre-owned Twizy with a contract worked out for the better since I melted the battery pack :blush: where a new battery was put in for free (as well as the free rental car, towing into the dealership, etc.) It is all great to assume nothing can go wrong with the battery if you own it - but if it has a fault (there is more than just the cells in the battery pack) - then that cost is on you. That battery is not so cheap either. Given the failure, and a new battery I am happy to have the service contract as I am covered if there is a fault again - and yes, the Twizy drives like a champ :slight_smile:

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@CrazyTwizy this is actually good to read. I consider the battery lease a mandatory insurance, and until now I had not heard of a replacement occurring, and like all insurances you only know if its any good when you come to cashing it in.

@dalepearson - in the first month of getting the Twizy I drove it like I stole it - making sure all components would be functional under stress while in warranty. It showed that there was some weakness, and they got resolved. The cost of repair was definitely much greater than the purchase cost of the vehicle (£2750 at the time). Its the insurance that’s key from the lease of the battery, given the battery pack contains the other electronic components to make it go.

Sounds like you found one at a good price, I am still searching.
What were the weaknesses, as this will help out those searching and what to look for.

Where on earth did you find one for under ÂŁ3k?!