Twizy indicators.

Ok. So. O/S indicator lens broke off. Ordered a new one from renault. £42! Am I Correct in assuming that if the indicator bulb on a twizy stops working, you have to replace the whole unit? It looks like you can’t just change the bulb. The lens comes with the bulb carrier and a bulb as a sealed unit. Seems an awful expensive way of doing things…

You can replace just the bulb although you do need to remove either the front or rear panel to get to them.

I seem to remember the owner’s manual deeming it to be a job for an authorised dealer but it’s not too difficult.


I just popped one side of the rear panel. Did the job in about 10 minutes.

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Hello! My Twizy hand brake switch is not lighting up on my dash. Can anyone help me fix this problem?
I drove the Twizy without fully releasing the T handbrake. What do i need to replace. I am William from the Philippines. Twizy units are just new to our country that started only last February of 2020.
Thank You in advance

Welcome @bossjo2 there is a switch up under the dash that should be resting on the mechanism. The bracket that holds this is either bent or loose. Try to press the switch in and see if the dash light comes on. I had this back in 2012, aligned it and not happened since. A few early twizys had the problem.

dont suppose you could put a photo on here to show where. I am having the exact same problem. Thanks


Try This starts with the handbrake removed. But you don;t need to go that far. You can put your hand up from the bottom and follow the arm up to where the switch is. Try pressing the switch a few times and see it the light goes off on the dash. If the switch is working then it need to be bent back into position.