Twizy Insulation


With the weather getting colder and using the twizy is getting uncomfortable. Partly my fault due to me not being dressed properly. But with it being 0c it gets chilly when doing longer higher speed journeys. So I’ve fitted winter tyres which helps handling when cold and wet. The I’ve had the windows fitted all year so a basic layer of insulation.

I only ever use the right door so I have insulated the left door. I used closed cell foam which won’t hold water. I put it on the door frame and the body so it creates a seal to stop the wind getting in.But I need an idea to close up the little hole you get your hand through.

I also ordered a small carpet flap that was meant to fit around the steering rod from ministromer. That was a waste tbh did nothing at all. So I have put some closed cell foam around it too. I’ve also plastered the stuff on the inside as cold air rushes in from the dash, which seems like a strange design.

I’ll get some photo’s up when I get a chance but I was wondering if anyone has done anything similar?

It might be an interesting exercise to try novel ways to insulate the Twizy, but I think you are going about it the wrong way. No matter what you do it’s still going to be cold inside the Twizy since there is no heating.
Instead of insulating the Twizy you should insulate yourself. Get nicely wrapped up top to bottom and I promise you you won’t feel the cold or draft. I went through the whole of last winter without windows and I am going to do it again this year. I get nicely wrapped up and the only exposed bits are my cheeks. I am perfectly OK and I don’t like the cold.

I have one of these for when it gets colder, and a fur lined trapper hat.
No insulation required or Windows for me :smile:

Kes that is ingenious, but I would side with the consensus. Also being a former biker, layers are key!

I currently just have a suit and a Barbour jacket over it and as its getting colder I think just a Barbour liner will cover it…

Head currently still bear but may upgrade to a hat as indicated above!

I’ve got the French Windows in my Twizy that completely fill the Windows.
I wouldn’t drive without these in the Winter for all the tea in China!
But, even with these Windows fitted there are loads more draughts that get in.
There are a few down by the pedals that you feel on those really cold days!
Don’t think you will ever make it windproof!
Will be interested if you do manage it!


You must all be soft or I am just crazy because the cold/wet doesn’t bother me, lol

I got the Perspex windows from Andrew @ Twizywindows but sent them back because they ruin the experience.

I bought a thermal Jack Wolfskin coat and gloves so all good to go.

I can’t wear layers. I car share so I only have one bag with me and that has my gym clothes in it. A hoody and a hat is all the layers I have as I work in a hot environment.

It has made a massive improvement. The amount of wind coming in when going 60mph is wild. By closing off the random gaps the car is much much warmer. It was 0c again yesterday but it wasn’t freezing driving on the dual carriageway due to the gap sealing. The car is also much quieter now.

Being cold or wrapping up well is the answer but it brings hassle to using the twizy. I use it on my 17 mile commute at night and it’s made it way more comfortable. You don’t need heat when in the twizy but to stop 0c air blowing at you at 60mph. That’s what makes it cold.

Might even see if I can find an old space blanket that would fit in the glovebox to keep my legs warm. My total spend so far is £0 too so it’s even better :smile:

Have you managed to find where the wind blows in down by the pedals?
TBH I’ve not really had a good look but would like to find a cure for that one!


This one solves most of the wind by the pedals;

Bought it myself amongst other stuff, worked OK at -6 C this weekend.

Thanks for the Link :slight_smile:
Too expensive for a tightwad like me, they want 13 Euros to ship!
I will look into making my own version :smile:


To stop the main drafts remove the windows! This returns the Twizy’s correct air flow. Then stick on some extra clothing. The windows only help the passenger.

I had to put my hat on today for the first time this winter. Just a good coat and gloves. I was a biker so used to some cold and resort to my biker jacket when really cold.

i am not convinced chris i find it warmer with the windows in. i had a go in one in italy with a lovely lady she never removed the windows as it ruined her hair. mind, she was gorgeous and her hair was perfik lol

To be fair Peter I didn’t say it was warmer but it stops the drafts. The windows create a funneling effect that then changes the air flow in the car. Just look how wet the inside still gets. One of the reasons the Renault windows still have a gap at the back.

[quote=“osbrook, post:11, topic:1388, full:true”]
To stop the main drafts remove the windows! [/quote]
Are you Mad! :smile:
I have been a Biker for the last 36 years or so (Still am) and ridden bikes in every weather conceivable, but that won’t make me remove my Windows!
I have had to remove them in the past when it was serviced and the weather was freezing, I couldn’t wait to put them back in.
My Twizy has the French windows fitted and these fill up the gaps completely, not like the useless Renault ones.
They are also lockable so it makes the Twizy much more secure


Since our own Twizy doesn’t even have doors, I’m not qualified to advise anyone on how to keep the air inside a Twizy warmer! However, those Twizies in our fleet that have doors and windows do suffer terribly from condensation if you manage to heat the cabin air up. So perhaps the many and various sources of draught that Renault has cunningly designed into the Twizy might be critical to natural ventilation, and while stopping the most egregious ones sounds like a good idea, I’d certainly want to leave some of them open! :smile:

I spent half an hour in the garage today and made my version of the steering Rack Gaitor.

Made it from some soft Floor Tile foam material I had kicking around the garage.
Stuck it down with Velcro
Total Cost = £0.00 :smile:
Will see tomorrow if it does anything :smile:


Sorry but if I had to use Windows I would get rid of the car, you may as well buy a small hatchback with a heater👌

Sorry, but if I had no Windows I would get rid of the car
I have driven the Twizy without Windows when there was deep snow on the ground and it was well below freezing so I know both Worlds.
It’s Windows for me every time in the Winter.


For the floor you can use exercise floor mat or Yoga mat… not sure what to call them but they are soft with a good grip & easy to cut. When winter comes I get my skiing gear out (excluding skis, boots & arctic sunglasses).

The jacket is supposed to be good for -40 Celsius, gloves -25 and I am not sure about the hat but it keeps my head warm!

When my 4 years old son sits in the back he looked like a polar bear as I don’t want him to look like a snow man after a trip in the winter cold but I also put the Renault windows for him and drive below average speed.

I’d have to agree somewhat with Osbrook on this one, whilst I do share some of the views of the other side of the argument. I have had my Twizy for 10 months and windows installed for 3 months now and I will continue to keep them in for two reasons only:

  1. Security - I bought lockable windows following advice from neighbours after drunken revellers kept getting in and the police following an attempted theft in broad daylight (prospective joyriders?).
  2. My girlfriend is a regular passenger and has started to not enjoy the wind, rain and cold in the back seat.

I have the Italian “TWY RAIN” windows.

I actually prefer Twizy without windows and as long as I dress for the weather (plus gloves and beanie) the cold has never bothered me.

  • People talk to you more when you have no windows.
  • Entering and exiting is “cooler” and more refined without them.
  • The feel and feedback (sounds) when driving are much better. I find road noise seems quieter without windows, but that could be me.
  • Most mac fans agree with me - its just not that great with Windows :wink: