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Twizy Insulation

Bought 2 of them. Junk IMO. They are light and don’t fit snug. Wind at 40mph blows them all over the place. I have 2 for sale if anyone wants them?

I’m not removing windows. Each to their own it’s colder without them no doubt. So I have sealed the doors with closed cell foam and put some eggcarton type foam under the steering wheel and handbrake. It’s pretty awesome now as it’s not drafty as hell.

My Twizy 45 doesnt have doors or windows.
I drive it at 0c and in the pooring rain with my 4 year old. We like it. A good jacket (north face), MTB gloves (good grip) and a hat or beannie.

Just treat it as a bicycle as we are used to in the Netherlands.

How did you find this solution Andy?

its windows for me thats if i ever see my twiz again its still in renault having a new gearbox installed all poo

Your probably right but I think I’ve made it so much better now. The left door which I never use is stuffed with foam. The driver side at the bottom has foam too now. You wouldn’t belive the amount of wind that small panel gap lets in. The small hole where the steering rod is located, now blocked made a huge difference but I was getting a draft from above my legs down the way. As I wear trainers you can really feel the draft. Under the steering wheel or “dash” You can stick foam in there and around the handbrake lever. Then foam between the dash and the floor. I could do more but really it’s at the point now where even when cold outside it’s not uncomfortable to drive.

Yes wearing layers would be eaiser technically. But then I have to get dressed to drive a car? I would then have to bring another bag of clothes. Spend £xxx on a jacket etc etc. I can clock up a ton of miles the way it is because I just jump in and drive it. I don’t have to prepare to drive it nor would I have the time. But if you like that thing thats cool. I think a heater blanket round the legs would be the shizzle though!

Yes, it’s made it much better but there is still a breeze coming from down below! (See Reply below)

After fitting the steering rack gaitor (see above) I still found a breeze coming in from somewhere…
After a bit of investigation I think I have found the culprit.
It is where the door meets the clear plastic deflectors, there is a gap approx. 75mm x 5mm where the wind blows in sideways.
Tomorrow I will fit a simple deflector to the door stuck on with Double sided Velcro that I have.
The deflector won’t interfere with the door operation but it will block the sideways wind blast on my legs while still allowing the air to flow into the cabin :wink:
Will post some fitted pictures if it works!


Motorcycles and roadsters use heated vests, gloves and trousers. I have found that air circulation is very important to the Twizy in-cabin to avoid fogging up the windows. This then puts the burden of keeping warm on the person, not the car. I like the draft reducing methods above, especially at the feet. The windows do well to reduce the direct elements of rain and wind in your face, but for heat, that’s what I am considering to keep warm. Just an idea (as long as the 12v cigarette accessory socket amps can support it). :slight_smile:

I’ve got electric gloves that I plug into the accessory socket for those really cold days!
Not had to resort to them this winter yet…


I remember it was my feet that got properly cold last winter… I just need a solution to that. Up to about 25 minutes (about 10 minutes less than my commute) wasn’t too bad, but around that time I always started to wish I was driving a car rather than a Little Tikes toy with a number plate.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, insulate yourself. For lower body, wear thermal long pants and socks. If necessary wear thermal lined shoes or boots. When dressed that way you don’t even need to turn on the central heating at home !!! :wink: :wink:

Try doing the fix as shown above from the steering column.

Or yes, dress up everytime you want to drive, making the car useless lol.

I simply dress as I would for the outdoors on a wet and/or windy day in winter. On a hot summer day, I’m glad that it’s enough to wear shorts and tee-shirt. I wouldn’t want to have to remove all the draught exclusion because I’m a veteran of decades of English summers. :grinning:

Dressing for the weather is very sensible, just in case the worst should happen and you have a break down and need to walk.

Haha, sounds sensible. I’m certainly going to give the steering column thing a go too. So far the winter’s been very mild though hasn’t it!

Last year I found on short journeys I was OK with just ‘normal’ outdoor clothing on, but for longer journeys I think driving a Twizy is kinda unique, in that, when it’s -2 degrees outside, you wouldn’t just go and sit on a chair for an hour without moving, even if you were wearing fairly decent winter clothes!

Here’s a little story as a reminder about Osbrook’s ‘being prepared’ comment… Living in a town in the South East you tend to forget that winter can actually be kinda bad. Normally if I’m driving in the snow I do go prepared, but a few years back when we had that bad winter, I got caught out big time and was stuck for about 10 hours on a motorway. My phone battery died (partly because I lent it to someone more in need, haha) and I couldn’t keep the engine running because I was all but out of petrol, I had no money on me, no shovel, no blankets, no warm clothing, no food, no water. IDIOT!! Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of other people in cars nearby, so I’m pretty sure wasn’t going to die and be lost to the wilderness, but around the 8 hour mark, I did start to wonder…! 10 hours in zero degrees without warm clothes or any food/drink to keep energy levels up was bad enough that I [hopefully!?] wont be getting it that badly wrong again any time soon :smile: The morals of this story are (1) don’t be in an idiot like me but (2) don’t assume you can always leave your car and walk your way out of trouble! If you’re on a motorway, that’s not always possible (legal).

On of the worst draughts comes forward from under the seat, caused by large gaps beside the seat rails! Push the seat forward and you can see the ground between the metal frame and the plastic trim. i intend to use some rubber and self tapping screws to close it off.

I’m burning myself up with such enthusiasts in a soup pot like you … forward with a TWIZY…aaaaaaa

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This is a small 3D part which covers the locks a bit, reduces air movement and makes it a bit less noisy. Since my windows do not go “around the corner” from the rear part of the doors I also added another cover which closes the hole. Less noise and a lot less wind (and water from the street) inside now.