Twizy lease rental deals

Hi guys.

Does anyone know of any lease rental deals for the twizy?

Thank you

The only ones seen were more than a Zoe so it was cheaper to buy second hand and bin!

Hi osbrook.

Were did you see the deal?

It has been mentioned on a few places on the Internet. Try a ZE Renault dealer and Talk to @Evmeerkat who also published some figures. The figure I saw were £145/m plus Battery rental for 2 years.

As a Renault Zoe is around that price on a 2 year PCP and includes the battery rental it looked as if no one was interested in selling the Twizy on PCP.

I’ve just been on the phone with car rental company and they didn’t lease the twizy for rivaate use, though company use was a competitive price. It’s a shame =(