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Twizy makes noise even when fully charged

Hi all! New twizy owner as of today!
Can someone please help… After several hours of charng the display went out indicating full charge… But it kept humming… Is that normal? Is this still sucking electric then? I was rather hoping to leave it charging overnight! . You advise is much appreciated. Thanks. Matt


Welcome to the group.

The Twizy charger keeps the cooling fan running after charging. On a very few Twizys this stops after a while. But for most like mine it keeps going. It draws approx 20Watts at this point. Small but still significant. Renault where supposed to be releasing a Firmware update to fix this last October but never appeared to do so.

The other thing the update could do is ensure the brakes disengage the drive. So that the motor is not powered when brakes are applied, but this may allow the car to roll back on hill starts.


With mine, the fans do eventually turn off, but not if I have left the “ignition” on. Since I run my charger on a timer, I’m bemused that this can heppen even when the wall power is definitely turned off! The fans by themselves don’t seem to take much wall power, but you have to wonder whether they are actually powered by the traction battery rather than the mains, which would be dumb (but not impossible - I used to be an engineer and we can do dumb things for smart reasons!).

This is true, if you take the car off charge before completion/cool down and turn the ignition on then the cooling fan does come back on. This is what happens more in hot climates. In fact if the Twizy is driven hard in hot temperatures the cooling fan is designed to come on then.

When I went to the talk that Robert Lewellyn did in Liverpool a few weeks back, he mentioned that he can program his leaf to charge at a certain time of night and get a cheaper rate of electricity.

Now I know the Twizy does not have that option, but I have a timer for switching lights on and off, could I not use that or are there dangers with that?

I don’t think so. Make sure the timer is good for at least 10 amps, though.

Hi all and thanks for your replies.
Good idea re the timer!
Yes, it does seem very daft. When it’s done… It should be done!
I’ll keep an eye out for software updates too… Any ideas how this would be implemented if goes ahead?

If you go for a timer, like was suggested above make sure it is ‘man’ enough. An immersion heater switch would be a good starting point. Even better if you get it wired in properly. I would want one that was 13amps or above.

For what it’s worth, I’m looking to try and build a timer circuit which can be integrated with OVMS. Not got anything concrete, but I’m making slow progress.