Twizy - Maximum slope uphill

Hi guys,

Firstly I think a small introduction is appropriate. I’m new to this forum and absolutely loved it for the amount of information on the Twizy available (haven’t really been looking beyond this aspect) and decided to register to ask you for some short advice relating to the maximum gradient (approximately) a Twizy would be able to handle.

I’ve been googling away a bit and haven’t really come across any information relating to this topic apart from the increased probability of wheel spin on slopes in reverse, and the range reduction driving in hilly areas. The thing is, I live in Liguria (Italy) and am seriously considering purchasing a Twizy (second hand though), but as some of you might know, Liguria is pretty famous for its steep roads. The last bit of the road going up to my house is rather steep, haven’t actually calculated the gradient, but for some reference, a 50cc scooter only just makes it in 2 people with the automatic clutch slipping and burning.

Unfortunately I do not have the possibility to test drive a Twizy as none of the nearby dealerships have a Twizy available (only the 45km/h version) and are interested in lending me one, and neither is Renault Italy. So I’m kind of going to have to guess whether it’ll make it up the slope before buying one. I’ve driven a Twizy a couple of times on flat roads and although the acceleration is quite ok, the thing that worries me is that at low speeds, or from standstill, I had the sensation that the computer significantly limits the torque coming from the electronic motor, so I’m curious to how it handles steep hills. It’s basically my only worry before buying one, so I really hope you guys can give me some insights, or perhaps even some figures if Renault has have released them (don’t think so).

Thank you so much in advance!

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Where it will struggle is from a standing start on a very steep hill with 2 in. If you are rolling it should handle every thing else. It is always hard to judge this things and there are limits that the car has to be able to handle before it gets it’s road worthiness certificate. I live in a steep area but guess not as bad as you

It has no prob going out of an underground garage via ramp. I think this is like a very, very steep natural hill. But beware icing confitions.

See this thread

A Twizy towing a Tesla on a heavy trailer. Although on the flat shows the Twizys low down power to get it moving

Holy cow, that’s very impressive. Thanks for the replies guys. I guess my worries are kind of no longer in place after seeing that footage. Basically I can state that the slope going up to my house is like a 300 metre long parking lot exit, so I guess she would make it, even in the wet (luckily sub zero temps are nonexistent in my area :slight_smile: )

Next job: finding an interesting Twizy.

Btw, those led lights on the Twizzy towing the Tesla (Twingo style) look fantastic, once I get my hands on a nice Twizy, I will definitely make sure to install them!

Where I work, in dundee, there is an area called hilltown. The hill is very steep. My twizy goes up it at the 25 mph. I tried to get the gradient data, but no joy. There is an even steeper hill called the ski jump and the twizy gets up that at around 23-25 mph.


What happens if you stop part way up and have to pull away again? Will it get going?

The other option is to look at a powerbox to give a bit more power, which means a trade off with range etc, however if you have a large downhill you can ramp up the regen to help a bit

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The thing with the Twizy is that you got quite alot of torqe up to about 50km/h. So i dont think that a start in the hill is a real problem, otherwise you can just buy a powerbox of you get a twizy produced before 2016 something and increse the torque from 57Nm to between 80-100Nm. But agen this torqe only occurs under ~50km/h over that the torque drops kinda fast.

I looked at the Aprilia SR 50cc scooter and it got about 4,7Nm of torque, sure the Twizy is a lot heavier but the power/weight ratio in the Twizy is still a lot better and you got no variator that steals torque. With 2 persons and a scooter that is about 100kg scooter 270kg for the people witch is 240kg combined witch gives us ~0,02Nm/KG.
A Twizy weights 450kg+2
70kg ~590kg witch gives us a ~0,1Nm/kg witch is 5 times higher then the scooter. And if you get a powerbox and get it up to 80Nm, that gives you ~0,14Nm/kg. And a big driffrence is that the Twizy got its peak down in the low revs while the 2-stroke engine got its torque in the high revs witch makes it bad for starts in hills.

Actually the variation doesn’t steal torque at all.
May be you meant the belt that ain’t that efficient as a chain. It’s about 10% less efficient
… but even in this case it depends from various factors like the contra spring, proper rollers or sliders weight and clutch springs. In the end the cvt isn’t bad if properly set.
The sr Aprilia, Whichever model you might refer too never reach a 100kg not even with full tank, windshield and a tail truck luggage box.

If I remember well Kenneth fixed the power box. Now it works with even the latest twizy after 2016

Every transmission steals torque, ether you call it efficient or not.
Even a chain steals some of your produced power, thats why you hear noise and some heat comes from the chain. And if you got 4,7Nm to play with its kinda crucial to not lose 0,47Nm leaving you with just 4,23Nm. I did not find a proper weight for the aprilia but my old Scooter was in the 90kg region and those 10kg does not effect that much when you got 2 people on the Scooter.
Thats about half of what the transmission steals in terms of power/weight ratio.

EDIT: Got a mail from Kenneth 3 weeks ago before i bought my powerbox where he wrote “PS: It’s not compatible with Twizy models produced after July 2016. What year’s model do you have?”

Hmmmm but look I’ve found this topic from Kenneth:
“Good news for you guys who want to tuned the new Twizy models Which are produced after July 2016”
Check it out! You can do it!
He managed to tune it! =)

Yes. The torque is low down on a twizy, so it’s no problem. There are traffic lights on the hill town. Pulls away no problem.

I don’t see the fascination with a power box in a twizy.the handling is chronically bad in standard form! A little bit of dampness on a roundabout causes a large amount of skittishness!!

Time for new tyres and correct pressures. :slight_smile:

Well, I would know what to do with a Twizy on a wet roundabout :slight_smile:

Yes it does!

Tyres are all good and at the correct pressures. Terrible understeer. I just lift off the power.

convergence and wheel balancing is important as much as pressure and tires degradation.