Twizy miles

Just read in Autocar that their Twizy has completed 1000 miles, and Steve Cropley has asked the question" what is the highest mile Twizy?"
I thought we could perhaps reply to him, I have sent him a link to this page, or you could email him at [email protected]
For the record, I have done 2400 miles now, I am sure some of you have done many more.

Miles behind. I had expected to be at 2600 by now but only at 2050 miles. Even though I drive it nearly every day.

I’m close to 6000 :slight_smile:

Just hit 1000 this morning. :smiley:

Just hit 1000 this morning. :smiley:

Mine clicked over 1000 miles this morning as well :slight_smile:


Mt original Twizy had 1500 on it when it had an accident.


Bit Of a milestone for me a few weeks ago

I’m just picking my new (not) twizy up this morning. It’s 2.5 years old and has only 900 miles on it. I intend using my maximum mileage allowance of 9000 a year!! I’ll let you know next year!!

I had an allowance of 22500 km (13980 mi) in 3 years. Just before returning the battery on it’s 3rd “birthday” I had 22.480 km or 13968 mi.

Didn’t know you could still get a 3000/9000 mile option anymore.
When were you offered this?

Well done at using it all.

I read it as beeing 9000/27000… (suposing a 3 years contract)

Hope this works. These are the current prices.

Also, any opinions on which tariff to go for? I plan on keeping my twizy, so would be looking at the 36 month tariff. I was under the impression that this was a rolling tariff that you can pull out of at any time. Anyone know any different?

The table shown is for annual Mileage. Ie. 36 months at £45 is 4,500 miles per year or 13,500 miles over 3 years. There is no longer a 3000 miles per year at £30 a month. Which is unfair.

Twizy owners pay more than Zoe owners when considering battery size.

The contracts from the 1st June 2015 have a penalty for cancelling early but I don’t know what yet. There is also an 18 month minimum contract on the 35 month option. However as these terms are based on European rules they may not be enforceable in the UK.

Also check the excess mile charges. At one stage it was cheaper to take a mile limit lower than you expected and pay the excess!!! I think they realised this and upped the penalty.

4500/13500 looks like the most popular looking at the mileages Twizyowners have done in the last 3 years.

Well, since we’re uploading Twizy mileage pics:
(let’s do it the cheap way and let facebook pay for the hosting costs.)

20000 km does sound more impressive than 12.4k miles.

Since we’re at it, let’s post my current range estimates too. Wrong thread, I know, but just for fun.

94 km sounds more impressive than 58 miles. Though 58 miles does sound impressive, considering the normal range of the Twizy. Needless to day, this number quickly dropped down to normal numbers.

Wow. That is impressive!!
I don’t think I have seen anything more than 54 miles on mine and that was after some very light foot driving. How did you achieve that?

The penalty is £11 for every 100 miles excess mileage.

Not sure.
It was a very hot day, and the previous day I only drove 1 mile, at about 20 mph. I think it’s something how the mileage forecast number (?) is calculated.

If I would drive for, say, 5 miles, the number would be recalculated to a number you would normally expect to display.

That said, driving 20 mph does something very well for your total range, even if you get to your destination very slowly.