Twizy milestone

Well folks. Twizy hit a large milestone today. Turned 22,000 miles. Traction battery still charging to 97%, still on original 12v battery. I bought this one with 2500 miles on it from a friend of mine. I sold it in February to another friend who bought it to promote his new dessert bar. He isn’t use it much, so asked if I would drive it around for him as he much prefers the comfort of his new Range Rover…he pays the battery rental, I just charge and drive it. Still love the wee thing. Has been reasonably reliable apart from the bloody awful brake callipers, and that’s despite the fact that I have the pistons cleaned and greased twice yearly. So apart from tyres and a wiper blade, it’s been ok.


I should add that this Twizy is driven mainly on a daily basis, which is probably why the battery is still so good. It’s a 2013, so is 7.5 years old

Agree with you here Mike. I think most people with trouble with the Twizy is because of lack of use.
Mine is a 2012 with 18000 miles on the clock. I use it virtually everyday, albeit for short local journeys. Touch wood, it has been good with very little problems. Battery is still strong with maybe a very slight drop in range. I think the cold weather has more to do with that.
If and when the Citroen Ami comes to the UK, I might replace my Twizy with that.

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Mine does a 26 mile rural commute twice daily at the moment, so about 52 miles per day with a charge in between. So cheap compared to taking my Land Rover or Renault wind.

Is that the same one as before, but with a new livery?

That one has had 2 liveries. I had another twizy before that one as well which wasn’t liveried.