Twizy Mk2 or Smart ED

I was browsing for info on the Smart For Two ED last weekend (no I’m not deserting, just curious).The latest version is due for release at the end of 2016 and it will have a Twingo chassis and the R240 motor from the Zoe. It should offer more range than the Twizy and it would satisfy those who would like side by side seating and more room for luggage. It might include fast charging.

As I’ve heard no reports of development of the Twizy I wonder if Renault are considering this to be a better alternative for them than working on a Mk 2 version. Cooperating with Smart will give Renault an outlet for mainstream parts from the ZE division and would save Renault the cost of developing a small volume product.

Anyone have any more information, opinions or even wild speculation?