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Twizy Modding Services? (UK)

Hi all,

Just ordered my Twizy and cant wait - but starting to get a little worried about the drive in not so nice weather.

I have decided to buy these doors from Italy as they seem to be the best window option for the Twizy to date - anyone here got these?

Stiff Windows - 380 Euros delivered

Also, anyone know someone in the UK that would be able to install this wonderful mod for me?

I am based in Reading - but can travel?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Bit more info - found these Windows which are expensive (500 Euros!) but come with locks and the ability to open the window:


Bit more info - found these Windows which are expensive (500 Euros!) but come with locks and the ability to open the window:http://www.love-iou.com/index.php?p=...VENUE-fran-ais


I have these windows for the Winter :smiley:
They are not bad, one problem I had was my Twizy had different size door apertures!
I had to modify the metalwork on the left side (Shorten and weld the metal upright)
Luckily it is what I do for a living :slight_smile:
I stripped the Powdercoat off, cut and welded the upright and then had it powdercoated again.
I then had to jigsaw the plastic windows down to fit.
Ended up taking approx. 10mm off of the left window!
Not saying you will have any problem, but I have heard others say that they had similar problems with the Renault Windows on the left side.
I have the Renault Windows fitted for the Summer, will not be much longer before the Winter Windows get fitted! :smiley:


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the reply and apologies for the delayed response.

Very lucky you knew what you were doing! I tried contacting Love-iou.com / Metal 2000 and couldn’t get a response.

In truth though, if I had bought them and had the same problem, I would be knocking on your door for help!


Hi Scoobs
No problem I hope you get sorted :slight_smile:
I can’t blame IOU for the problems, there windows are very good quality.
Perhaps my Twizy was made on a Friday Afternoon :lol:
Getting a bit chillier today so it won’t be long before I change over from the Official Renault Windows to the IOU Windows :smiley:


It’s got a unique quality!

Cool - if you have any contact details for them please pass them along.



Shocking prices, a bit of perspex with a piece fitted to the bottom… to attach it…

Have to say my Renault windows are in the garage and I haven’t used them all Summer. I may have to dust them down from October and put them in, but as an ex-biker, I might be able to hold off until the first snows. I don’t see any real benefit between the different types - whether solid or soft, it’s not going to help much when it’s cold outside!

Yes shocked but the prices above 400 and 500 euro for what they are!

Yep - I paid £380 to a company in Italy for mine, they were shipped today.

I agree its hugely overpriced, but I felt that after reviewing the various options it was the best option for me.
Update: I just checked - the guy’s nearly sold out!:

Also ordered the official Twizy Parrot kit but got for £200 delivered.

Also - been quoted for a converter cable to Type 2 - £303 delivered! I have decided to make my own, will buy the parts for about £100 or so.

I love the twizy - but the extras (everything) do add up

I don’t see an mention of the Audio upgrade that provides the twin speakers (for the pods) - isn’t this a requirement/addition to the bundle?

I don’t like the look of the black bit at the bottom on the twizy rain, it looks all distorted… not sure about the port hole too. where they get £400 from I don’t know…

Also ordered the official Twizy Parrot kit but got for £200 delivered.

Is this the complete Twizy Kit with speakers, brackets and LCD Screen enclosure?
If so I might be tempted to buy one and sell the Parrot 9100 I have not yet got around to fitting… :frowning:


I hope so - arrives tomorrow.

I have based this on Lighty’s tutorial here:


Lighty says the part (82 01 231 626) comes with everything (its a kit)

So, in theory, the kit I get tomorrow (exact part number) should include everything.

I’ll let you know tomorrow evening.


Update - just googled the part number and found this PDF:

It lists the bluetooth kit and some other bits with the Renault part numbers

“montaggio incluso” translates to “mounting included”

Started googling SKU’s - and you know once you start…


Part Number: 82 01 203 865
Product Description: Net deposits front floor, mounting kit included
Renault Price: £75.00
Search Price: £42.00 - http://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/renault/renault-8201203865-storage-nets/

Part Number: 82 01 203 481
Product Description: Alarm System, including mounting
Renault Price: £320.00
Search Price: £157.20 - http://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/renault/renault-8201203481-alarm/

Part Number: 82 01 231 830
Product Description: Rear parking sensors, including mounting
Renault Price: £85.00
Search Price: £76.62 - http://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/renault/renault-8201231830-aide-parking-ar/

Part Number: 82 01 203 861
Product Description: Leisure bag
Renault Price: £95.00
Search Price: £74.80 - http://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/renault/renault-8201203861-leisure-bag/

Part Number: 82 01 203 853
Product Description: Driver and Passenger Blanket
Renault Price: £140.00
Search Price: £131.14 - http://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/renault/renault-8201203853-twizzy-blanket/

Hi Andy,

Received it today and it is the full kit!

Happy days

See photos:

Hi Andy,
Received it today and it is the full kit!
Happy days
See photos:

That is great News! :smiley:
Now I am really tempted… :slight_smile:


Good to hear - although my local dealer is doing it for £162.52 plus VAT, I thought their (Allcarparts) price was more advantageous until I realised their prices are Ex VAT as well! No bargains then!

Item 82 01 231 626 is described as the Twizy Audio Kit on the Renault website with an RRP inc VAT at £216.68. A further 2 items are available - the Parrot MK9100 Bluetooth Handsfree Kit 77 11 428 785 at £157 RRP inc VAT and the picture shows a different display, dual mike and the control knob selector.

Do these come in yours?

Glad my info helped :), you would have all on getting a Renault dealer to tell you which parts are needed.

Yep - look in the picture and it has the boxed MK9100 with the Twizy bits

I figured £200 delivered plus £50 fitting is better than dealer cost + fitting.