TWIZY MOT failure

My 5yr old Twizy failed its MOT yesterday wholly on its braking system components, to get it back on the road I need a set of rear brake disks. if you can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful, NB Renault cannot currently supply these, they are on back order with no estimated time of arrival- while I pay for my battery rental!!

That’s not good. Who did the MOT? As some places don’t understand how thin the disk are when new and just fail as they look too thin compared to what they usually see.

I believe some Germans Twizy owners have managed an alternative fix to the rear disks, but yet to be convinced.

I expect you could get a very light skim on the discs to make them look like new…unless good old emery cloth works. As osbrook says above they probably mis understand them. The brakes are simple to service but do jam up. Pop the pistons out and clean them up. Make sure the hand brake mechanism is free moving and then if you have a power box disable the regen and use the brakes a lot (do the same on the front) if you do not have a power box then get up to high speed and try and lock the brakes a few times (in a safe place)

The brakes are not servo assisted so need a good push.

Do the above and chose another MOT tester and pre-empt it telling them to give them a shove due to non servo assist.

Where are you based…roughly?